From the Street

Breckenridge.  Yeah, Breckenridge.  Where Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz showed up for a meeting last Friday (24JUL2015) with Breckenridge Community Leaders and City Council members.  (Background on this? Click Here)


Days earlier….seems everyone was in agreement – the TOB could use a nice new structured Parking Garage (900 spaces proposed) – since most Skiers today, have to navigate a dirt skier parking lot located in (mostly) downtown Breckenridge.

Then the TOB and Vail Resorts – started talking about just “who was going to pay (how much?) for what?  Flack Jackets were handed out in Breckenridge when that discussion got started (we’re told).

Then VR CEO “the kid” Katz showed up at a subsequent meeting with the Town last Friday…

.. ECT contributors told…  “The town has rebuffed VR’s counter proposal given that VR did not really respond to the town’s plan which is much more comprehensive in that it includes road work, a pedestrian bridge, parking infrastructure upgrades and transportation upgrades.”

Further – the TOB made it clear to Rob Katz – that if Katz and company didn’t agree to the proposed financial plan presented to VR – that the TOB City Council (would use) their legal Municipal Authority – and go to the TOB voters (Nov. 2015) – and ask Breckenridge Voters to “approve a new Ski Lift Ticket TAX” that would apply to Lift Tickets…sold in the Town of Breckenridge.  Yowser!  In return Katz made it clear his company “would fight” any proposed new Tax like this in Breckenridge…should it go on their November Breckenridge Ballot.

Stay Tuned.  This story a long way from being settled.  Katz’s concerns must include the concern that if Breckenridge can vote and TAX Ski Passes/Tickets sold in their town…then, what’s to stop other Towns (where VR operates) from doing the same thing – when those Towns want some $$ from VR.

Indeed.       Has David learned how to push around Goliath?  We’ll see.

Meanwhile back in Eagle County…

Rumors, Innuendos and Abject Speculation…insists this week (20-24JUL2015) that the so called “Eagle Air Alliance” folks have dropped their request…and have decided NOT to ask our Eagle County Commissioners to put a new Tax Request on our Nov. 2015 Eagle County Ballot.  Their proposed Tax…was aimed at getting a “permanent funding source” for funding (subsidized) Airline Flights into our Eagle County Regional Airport.  Good.  Now please get rid of that (new) Paid Parking at the Airport, Commissioners!

From the Street – Part 2

The ECT didn’t like this – when we saw it in the Town of Vail.

What’s up with this – Town of Vail?

Vail’s Police Department?  Vail’s Code Enforcement?

Why the (2) Parking Tickets – Town of Vail?

There were/are NO SIGNS telling drivers “they can’t” park there.

No Fire Hydrant!  ECT checked that.  No Private Property being blocked, No bike trails being blocked, nor influenced by these (2) NOW TICKETED Parked Cars.  No Handicap Parking spaces being used by these two cars…

ECT recommends the Owners fight these tickets.  Town of Vail Municipal Judge – Buck Allen…knows about the too.  Time Fight the ticket(s)!  You can use the ECT’s Photo!  Clayton Moore says…Hi-Yo Silver, Away! with those Parking Tickets!




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