Healthcare? Cost Cutting – Eagle County Commissioners

by  Clayton Moore and Bass Reeves

Who is moving into Avon/Eagle County, Colorado to help lower the costs of Medical Services, Medical Imaging Costs and (ultimately) the cost of all our Health Insurance?

Enter…CENTURA HEALTH…as Eagle County’s newest Healthcare provider!

Your (3) Eagle County Commissioners (L-R Commissioner Jill Ryan BoCC Chairman Kathy Chandler-Henry, Commissioner Jeanne McQueeney) know – because they recently met (22JUL2015) with Mark Hallman – (Director of Centura Health Employer Solutions) to discuss the new 48,000 sq/ft Medical Office Building currently being built by the Nexcore Group for their Avon – anchor tenant – Centura Health.


That Commissioners meeting last week was organized and set up by the grassroots/citizens of Avon’s “Team Referendum”.  Also in attendance was Mr. Joe Justice, Eagle County 2nd home owner and Dallas (Medical) businessman.  That’s Mark Hallman on the left, Mr. Justice in the back.

Points Covered at the meeting:  Centura Health gave our Commissioners new, proposal/documented Healthcare Services fees (read: prices) that are much closer to what the Front Range businesses and citizens pay in Denver.  Including Medical Imaging.

Financial Discussions have started between Eagle County and Centura Health.  Centura Health – also met with the Town of Vail – Government (Vail’s HR Director – Ms. Krista Miller) that same morning.  The Town of Vail – also interested in lowering their Health Insurance costs too.

How did this Meeting with our Commissioners – effect “ME”?

Our County Commissioners – completely understand:  That while Eagle County families and businesses, have to pay for their individual Health Insurance – the Taxes paid by these same folks – to the County Government – is what pays for the County’s Health Insurance for County Employees.  In a real-sense – County Taxpayers “pay twice” for Health Insurance costs…which is why this meeting is so important and needed.

The Commissioners also acknowledged the desperate need for more Medical Services competition here in Eagle County.  Amen.

In the weeks and months ahead – Centura Health will be signing up more individuals and business to their Healthcare Services Plan – and their new Avon facility will be 100% online and available next (June 2016) – it’s currently under construction.

Check out this “Flyover Video” of the new ~50,000 sq/ft Medical Office Facility in Avon, Colorado

Construction Underway – Centura Health’s new Medical Office Building – July 26th 2015


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