Holy Cross Electric – Meter Readers – An Endangered Profession

by  the fans of full Employment

Holy Cross Electric’s new technology they’re deploying in Eagle County (and else where) is eliminating some jobs….

The new Electric Meters they’re deploying now have two-way Radios in them that transmits (Usage data) back to a central collection point at Holy Cross.  Holy Cross can also use this new technology to “turn off” your homes electricity…as HCE sees fit…


Holy Cross’s product information claims that ~55,000 new Electric Meters are targeted to be installed.  The new meters “stick out further” than your original electric meter – so you may have to “enlarge your meters hole” if your current meter is inside an esthetic (wood?) enclosure at your home…

What the ECT doesn’t know…what is Holy Cross going to do with ~55,000 old electric meters?  -and-  How many Meter Reader Jobs are being eliminated?  Can/will these folks find other jobs at Holy Cross?  Doubtful their skill set includes the ability to trouble-shoot a 902-928Mhz fully Meshed Radio system – that utilizes a complete Peer to Peer architecture…

As you can see from the telephone pole photo (below) taken in West Vail this past weekend – the deployment of the associated Gridstream RF (neighborhood) Routers (that your new electric meter – reports your usage data to) has already started.


Your Electric Usage data your new Meter transmits – is digital data and is sent as very short “bursts of digital data” each hour.  Your meter doesn’t transmit continuously.

ECHO – (Eagle County Ham Operators) will notice that Holy Cross is Transmitting in the same Frequency Band (33 cm) – that has already been assigned to FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operators.  Yeah, the same band – 902 to 928Mhz.

The ECT can envision some interesting neighborhood Amateur Radio projects in the months ahead.  At 902Mhz the antennas needed are just not very big.  A 33cm Antenna length – should work quite nicely.

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