Windows 10? Yawn…

by  fans of the GUI

The Microsoft Corporation released their latest desktop operating system (Windows 10) last week.

The ECT’s reaction after using it for some time?  Yawn…

The Good News – It’s a lot better than the Windows 8 Desktop disaster Microsoft tried (unsuccessfully) to force users to adopt…

Windows 10 new graphical interface is most like Window v8.1 – so if you’re using Windows v8.1 today, it’s a (FREE) easy upgrade to download from the Internet.  Not much time needed to get use to the newer interface.

If you’re an experienced Windows 7 User…you can get a (FREE) upgrade too, however expect a steeper learning curve than your friends already using Windows v8.1   Just (Click-On) the graphic below.


Windows 7 Users….(what they wont tell you) is that Windows 10 brings back the Windows “start button” HOWEVER…it’s “backwards”.  This will drive Windows 7 Users crazy till you get use to it….Left Click, Right Click – Your Start Button?  They’re reversed in Windows 10…You can still claim your good old desktop back, with the icons you’re familiar with..but watch out for that new (blocky interface) – pressing your keyboards ESC key will usually bring you safely back to your desktop.

Students headed to College…ECT recommends you send them off with Windows 10.  Teenage students should not have any trouble adapting to the new User Interface.

Something Cool and New for Windows 10?  It’s called “Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button.  $23.00…but it’s not quite shipping yet.

This Bluetooth connected “button” can stick to your Monitor and it allows you to TALK/Issue Voice Commands to your Windows 10 computer.  (Click On) graphic to learn more.


Folks using iPhones have used Apple’s Siri (voice command) for some time.  This similar Bluetooth voice technology will be available soon for Windows 10 – at a very affordable price.

Bottom Line on Windows 10:  If you’re a user that likes using the “latest and greatest” then upgrade.  If you’re a comfortable (happy?) Windows 7 user…the ECT does not believe there is an overwhelming/compelling reason to upgrade – from the User Interface perspective.  If you’re sending students off to college…it’s probably best to send them there with a Windows 10 laptop.

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