Avon’s – Cart before their Horse

by  the fans of Limited Government

What does the Town of Avon and our Eagle River Fire Protection District have in Common?

Answer:  They want to raise your Property Taxes, even higher.  They want you to agree to an additional Property Tax Lien (levied) against your Property – to finance new long term debt (read: new Bonds) to pay for…


What the ECT has been told…A new (~$10 Million dollar) building is being proposed in Avon – just east of the new Medical Office Building under construction in Avon today.

ECT’s understanding…is that this proposed new Building will house both Avon Police Department –AND- a new ERFPD (Fire Station) big enough to house their big “hook and ladder truck” that is currently stored inside their facility in Cordillera.

Their plan to Finance it?   Ask Avon & ERFPD property owners in a special May 2016 election to agree to a new Tax Increase.

Q.)  What are the chances the Avon Taxpayer will agree to this New Tax Increase given this same Town Council has already saddled Avon Taxpayers with a $2+Million Dollar COST OVERUN on Avon’s new Music Stage?

Q.)  What are the chances the Avon Taxpayers will agree to this New Tax Increase given the Avon Voters – voted (January 2015) by an almost 2-1 margin to REJECT the ~3$Million Dollar purchase for a new Town Hall?

Q.)  What are the chances that Taxpayers in the rest of the Fire District (Cordillera, Edwards, Singletree, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead, Eagle Vail, Minturn, Red Cliff – will agree to pay for a new Fire Station in Avon?  Avon already has a Fire Station today – located downtown near Avon’s Westin and Wyndham Hotels.

Q.)  Does the figure “$10 Million Dollar facility” cost, include the Multi-Million dollar construction cost overruns – Avon’s Town Council is now FAMOUS FOR?

Time will tell.

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