Vail’s Toxic? – New Grocery Bags

by   no fan of Robert Castellino

Say What?  Vail’s new Toxic Grocery Bags?  Being handed out to Vail Tourists, for FREE?  How is this even possible?

Recall:  Town of Vail (most Council members) voting to come between their Grocery Stores (Safeway & City Market) and their Grocery Stores – CUSTOMERS – that’s you and us!   Government knows best?

Their collective conclusion, for improving our Environment? – WELL THEN, Plastic Grocery Store Bags must be banned (via Municipal legislation) in the Town of Vail!

To be replaced by what, you ask?  The ECT will show you what the Town of Vail – “ECOAware-Taxpayers” are now FUNDING!

In addition to (now) banning plastic bags at the Vail Grocery Stores…the Town of Vail thought it would be a good idea to pay for brand new BAGS, to be distributed to the entire Vail Lodging Community – to assist Vail Tourists to bring their vacation groceries back to there vacation residence.  And so, Here it is.


Of Course Vail choose new Bags made in China..  Keep scrolling down…


And they also chose a new Grocery Bag…with the following WARNING…


No Doubt Vail Tourists arriving from their home state of California will be thrilled to put their Fruits, Vegetables and Produce into one of Vail’s new (genuine, imitation plastic?) “ECO-Bags”.  To learn more about California’s Environmental “Proposition 65” (enacted in 1986) (Click Here)

A Grocery Bag made in China?  Yes!  Q.)  For local Environmentalist – Mr. Robert Castellino – If the Bag was “responsibly made in China” – then why the (above) Cancer/Birth Defects Warning and about Proposition 65?


The ECT folks have no issue with folks who want behave responsibly and make intelligent decisions about enhancing or improving our Environment.  This does not include having local Government deciding (for us) where/when we can use plastic bags – at our Grocery Stores check out.

ECT takes issue when folks (Governments) start behaving, stupidly….particularly at the Taxpayers expense.  Another triumph of liberalism’s “group-think” over reason, clear thinking and awareness.  Just who chose these new Grocery Bags in Vail? 

Anybody know what kind of Grocery Bags are used in Aspen?   How about Vail’s “sister city” San Miguel del Allende, Mx. ??



Just (CLICK ON) image below to ENLARGE it.


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