Fishwrap Misleads their Readers – AGAIN!

  by    the Inventors of “Click Here” Journalism – that’s the ECT

The Fishwrap was “at it again” last week.

It is very annoying to the ECT folks – when Fishwrap “reporters” don’t show up for Public Meetings – then report on them anyway.

It’s no surprise to the ECT folks that their information is WRONG and MISLEADING.

Fishwrap Headline from last week (24-29AUG2015):  Avon Council says ‘no’ to GoPro Games event.”

The FACT IS:    It was the organized efforts of the Property Owners of Avon’s – WildRidge Neighborhood – that provoked that “no” vote by the Avon Town Council.  The ATC meeting was packed on Tuesday, August 25th 2015.  With (Many+1) WildRidge Homeowners who SPOKE OUT AGAINST having this (mega-mountain biking event) in their neighborhood.  That FACT was the reason Avon’s Council – voted – no thank you – to the Vail Valley Foundation’s event proposal.

The Interesting Part that wasn’t reported:  The Citizens of Avon “weren’t notified” by their Town Government and Staff until 5 days before the scheduled approval (by Town Council) of this proposed (65,000+ Audience) 4-day, Mountain Biking event!


ONLY FIVE DAYS NOTICE!!!  For a proposed June 2016 Avon Event – targeting 65,000+ visitors and competitors over 4 days!!!!

Where was this “notice” discovered by Avon Citizens?

Answer:  Buried on page 21 of the 485 page Avon Town Council “packet”!

(Click Here) to download the entire 485 page – ATC packet.

Obviously, Avon Citizens and WildRidge Homeowners called/emailed each other to notify themselves on what their current Town Council and Town Staff – would prefer to bury in the Council Packet – rather than formally notify citizens of this HUGE proposed – Vail Valley Foundation event – targeting the new Mountain Bike Trails in their WildRidge neighborhood!


Reasonable Question:  Can Avon’s Government and Town Staff, be trusted?

Consider:  Avon’s single biggest annual Event (by far) is their 4th of July Fireworks Show.  That’s essentially one evening of guest/visitor impact out of 365 days.  Recently Proposed by the Vail Valley Foundation – to the Town of Avon – a new 4-day guest/visitor impact hoping to attract 65,000+ visitors – AND NO FORMAL NOTICE was given to the Avon neighborhoods impacted by this 4-day event?

Does that seem fair and reasonable to you?

Recall:  It is the Town of Avon’s Government and ultimately their Town Council that was RESPONSIBLE for the $2+ Million dollar cost overrun for Avon’s new Music Stage.

One more thing:    The ECT folks were curious about this “Mike Imhof” who works for the Vail Valley Foundation.  So the ECT looked him up on the Vail Valley Foundations (Federal 990) Tax Return – being a 501 c (3)  – their Federal Tax Return is Public Record.  Mr. Imhof is paid $182,00.00/yr with a reported bonus of $23,827.00  (Click Here)  This according to the Foundations Reported 2012 Tax Return – the most recent Tax Return we could find.

For that kind of money the ECT believes Mr. Imhof could do a much better job of notifying affected Citizens of his (next big –4 day event?) for 2016…

The real question here is…why DIDN’T Mr. Imhof notify the affected members of our Community.


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