Avon’s Continuing – Financial Mismanagement

by     Be Glad you’re not an Avon Property Owner

Considering the Town of Avon’s – admission that their new music stage was $2 Million Dollars OVER BUDGET…that debt now attached to Avon Property Owners…(Click Here)

You might think Avon’s Town Council would be much more Fiscally Conservative for some time.

You would be wrong if you thought that.

This coming Tuesday (22SEPT2015) at their Town Council’s scheduled meeting…the Town of Avon has “blocked out” no less than 3 HOURS of their time to listen to Financial Appeals (for free grant money) from no less than (27) local/Eagle County “non-profits”.  This seemingly “conga line” of “give me free money” types has been allotted (5) minutes each in front of Avon’s Council to make their pitch.  5:20PM to 8:20PM  (Click Here)

Here is an abbreviated list of the “give me free Avon money” non-profits.  To see the complete list – just click on the graphic below…


HUH?  Recommended Grant 2016?   That number is a combination of what the non-profit has asked the Avon Taxpayer for, and also includes the efforts of Avon Town Manager Virginia Egger and her staff – that begins the “review process” of these submitted non-profit “give me free money” applications.

Mind you – this is the same Avon Town Staff that was (somehow?) M.I.A. during the construction of their new Music Stage – the one with the $2Million dollar cost overrun.

A reasonable question:  Just “who” is looking out for the Interests of the Avon Taxpayer and Property Owner?

Answer:  Certainly not the elected Avon Town Council – nor the Town Manager, nor her staff.

Another reasonable question:  Just “when” did it become (the obligation?) of the Avon Taxpayer to hand over $179,650.00 (read: One Hundred and Seventy Nine Thousand, Six hundred and Fifty dollars) of their hard earned Avon Tax Money to these local non-profits?  What about the $2 Million Dollar cost overrun?  Well Avon Mayor Fancher? 

One more important point:  For their part the Fishwrap folks (will never) report to our Community (to the effected Taxpayers) these documented Fiscal Facts.

Why Not?

Answer:  Because many of these organizations buy “paid print advertising” at the Fishwrap.  The Fishwrap has ZERO interest in exposing where (some) of this free/grant money ends up.  To the ECT folks this fact is just another example of the Fishwrap’s addiction to “harlot journalism” – where the Fishwrap chooses what to (and not to) report to effected local Taxpayers.

Yes, something to keep in mind…when the Fishwrap folks start endorsing the new Vail Town Council candidates this Fall 2015…




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