Kaiser Permanente answers the ECT’s questions

by     Amy L. Whited – Manager of Public Relations and Digital Media
Kaiser Permanente, Colorado

The ECT would like to thank Ms. Whited for answering the ECT’s questions from last week.  Here are Ms. Whited’s answers – Verbatim.

Re:  Kaiser Permanente’s new ~6,000 sq/ft office in Edwards, Colorado – opening January 2016.

ECT:   EXACTLY, what Medical Imaging will KP be offering in Edwards starting Jan. 2016?

KP:  Kaiser Permanente members who visit our Edwards location will experience convenient care with most services all under one roof.  This includes routine medical imaging such as X-rays.

ECT:  Since KP will be on (2) floors at their new Edwards location… Will there be an elevator?  ADA compliant?  Stairs only?

KP:  We share the building with several other tenants.  The new facility will be ADA compliant complete with an elevator in the building for our members to use in addition to an elevator in the actual medical office.

ECT:  WHO?  Should a (small/large) Eagle County business contact at KP – to learn more about (signing up?) to join the KP medical program for themselves and their businesses?  Phone and EMails, please.

KP:  For anyone interested in signing up for coverage with Kaiser Permanente, they can visit      http://kp.org/thrive     for more information – or just  (Click Here).

ECT:  Are you all currently (at liberty?) to discuss KP’s future building plans in Eagle County? If yes, what can you share on the record?

KP:  Right now we are focused on our expansion into Summit and Eagle counties, with new medical office buildings in Edwards and Frisco.

ECT:  Will KP’s (big medical office building?) be in Summit County…as opposed to a new (Centura Heath) like MOB (~50,000sq/ft) currently under construction in Avon?

KP:  Our medical offices offer many services patients might seek in a visit including medical imaging, primary car and lab all under one roof.

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