Avon – Imagine if you will

by the Fans of Rod Serling….

Imagine if you will….living in Avon, Colorado – a Town where “Imaginary Tax Laws” are routinely enforced – against Avon builders.

What Tax Laws?  The ECT will show you.

Avon – Like many Municipalities has a Sales Tax in their Town – Avon’s is 4% .

But what Avon doesn’t have is a so called “Use Tax”.  (Vail, Colorado by comparison does)


Everyone understands, when you buy an item in the Town of Avon (say your favorite 6-pak), you pay 4% tax at the time of the sale at the Avon liquor store.

A so called “Use Tax” is a Tax Paid to any Municipality – on items purchased OUTSIDE the Municipality, however delivered and used INSIDE the Municipality.

In Colorado, a Municipality (like Avon) can’t legally declare they have a “Use Tax” – Colorado Voters (thanks to TABOR) have to vote and give their permission to a Municipality to legally have and enforce a Use Tax.  Avon by their own admission – doesn’t have a legal “Use Tax”.


So that legal Fact – has NOT STOPPED the Town of Avon – from trying to Collect a Use Tax – they don’t have!  Claiming instead…well it’s the “same as a Sales Tax!”

No, it’s not.  (see above insert)

Avon has targeted (mostly) local Avon Builders…in their attempt to enforce a Use Tax they don’t have.  Here is a specific example happening in Avon, today.   Avon Builder (xyz) buys a bunch of Lumber for a new Home he is building in Avon.  He buys it (say…in Edwards, Colorado – from the Edwards Building supply) – then has it delivered to his Avon job site.

Avon’s Claim?  Legally, that Avon Builder has to collect 4% of that purchase price and deliver it to the Town of Avon’s Finance department.  (Click Here)

Legal Fact:  A Use Tax is not a Sales Tax.   Vail, Colorado has both a legal Use Tax and a Sales Tax.

Q.)  The last time you took your Avon family shopping in Denver, Colorado – did you remember to “stop by” Avon’s Finance office on your way back to your Avon residence, and pay Avon’s 4% Tax on everything your family bought in Denver?

How can this be happening in Avon, today?

1 – by having a Weak and remarkably Ineffective Town Council – combined with an extremely liberal and (completely out of control) Town Manager/Town Attorney – add in a dominant print newspaper media – much more concerned with Paid Print Advertising from local Municipalities…than reporting to their readership – what these Municipalities are actually doing…

…and that ECT readers is how this happens in Avon today (5OCT2015)…








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