A most Demanding Task

by   the fans of Public School Education

Re:  The online video of the Eagle County School District – Candidates forum.

Thanks to local Cable TV Channel 5 (Director – JK Perry) you too can watch the Candidates form from last week (6OCT2015)

                                                                 (Click Here)

It’s about 87 Minutes long…

Our ECT Report –

Hands Down – the best Candidate, most Articulate, most Thoughtful of all the Candidates – is Mary Cotton.  She has our Vote and Full Throated support for her Campaign.  Mary’s well articulated Balance between the Districts needs and what local Taxpayers can reasonably provide impressed us.  Mary’s points – Parental involvement, Leadership, and well developed listening Skills – and a clear idea of what the role of the School Board has impressed the ECT very much.


Candidates on TABOR…(most are very confused)

FACT:  TABOR is “the legal process” by which Colorado Taxpayers are asked (via a Vote in November) to approve or not approve a Ballot Question about Raising Taxes.

STUNNING:  The Candidates that don’t understand this, can’t articulate this, and areEC-School-District-Candidates blaming TABOR for (what they believe) is a lack of Funding for Public Schools.

FACT:  TABOR does not prevent any Colorado Taxing Authority from asking for a Tax Increase on any November election ballot!

Candidate Tessa Kirchner video time (57:55) “TABOR is the Death Star”.  Ms. Kirchner would obviously prefer a system where (she) could unilaterally Raise your Property Taxes any time that she felt – it was necessary.  It does’nt get much better with her District A opponent who is…

Ryan C. Geller:   (45:30) Wants to get more Taxes for Eagle County Education by (59:10) Taxing Eagle County’s Tourists.  Ryan’s ideas include a proposed $2.00 Tax on all Ski Lift Tickets sold in Eagle County –AND- an additional Lodging Fee on these same Tourists.  Great.  No doubt Mr. Geller will be receiving plenty of support from Eagle County’s Hospitality/Tourist based businesses.

Candidate Carolyn Knox Keep:  Said she wants to Raise Taxes to finance a new School Bond.  Ms. Keep did not articulate if that was for a new (School Building) or to pay Teachers a higher Salary.  Vote for her opponent – Mary Cotton.

Candidate Felicia Battle:  (55:40)  “TABOR is the Devil”.  When the ECT heard that at (55:40) into the Candidate Forum, ECT decided Ms. Battle had met her “Waterloo”.

Ms. Battle’s opponent in District D….

Candidate Rober Ticer:  (56:49) …wanted to make sure that Tax Payers “know where their money is going”.  Ticer is the current Police Chief in Avon.

Candidate Kevin Kottenstette:  Is a former Teacher himself and has a son who is a current Eagle County Teacher.  Kevin made it abundantly clear he does not like Colorado’s vote on legalizing Marijuana and feels our young student should not be exposed to this drug.   Kevin has the ECT’s endorsement and support in District E.

ECT’s Endorsements:

District A –  (is a write in candidate still possible?)

District C –  (hands down) Mary Cotton

District D – (current Avon Police Chief) Robert Ticer

District E – (former teacher) Kevin Kottenstette

One response

  1. Clayton, remember this snip re the (now empty) jail wing?

    You, Clayton, ran this re TABOR, our Colorado Constitution! (Not any devil folks-just lets you, the voting taxpayers, VOTE on any requested tax hike!)

    Watching the video sure lets you know who thinks ‘Government Knows Best’ and you taxpaying people, just shut up and pay up cuz we say so. (And if you don’t-we will just sidestep you and take your money anyway?)

    Careful who you vote for folks-your money is on the line and some candidates feel very entitled to just take it.
    Snip from ECT’s County’s new $24Mill jail remodel –

    “Colorado Constitution (read: TABOR) …TABOR demands that a taxpayer vote should have taken place… ”

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