Getting their – Heads on Straight – 2015

Discovered in the Adopted 2015 EC School District Budget (Page 10)


Now this is “who they are” – now that the Heads are in sync with their Names below.

The ECT folks are happy to help our Public School Board – get their Heads on Straight!

PS – Nice dress there, Patrick!


Interested folks can watch the Eagle County School District “Candidate Form” that was held  last week by (Clicking Here).  Thanks to the online Video Wizardry of our TV Channel 5.  Times noted in the online Video below

Candidate “Carolyn Knox Keep” made it (44:12) clear she wants to Raise everyone’s Taxes.  Ms. Knox Keep – did not seem to understand that if our current School Board leaves their existing Mill Levy (unchanged) our Public School District will (automatically) receive much more money next year.

2 responses

  1. you do NOT have the names straight. Benway is the 2nd from the right!! Tessa is the 2nd from the Left Battle is the 3rd from the right

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