Election Pie – School District Style

by  Clayton Moore

You won’t find this Pie on the Eagle County School District – Lunch Menu.

Arguably, this Pie shows just how little of the Public School District’s Annual Budget – can be influenced by our Elected School District Board.

School District’s 2016 Budget (the big picture)


Consider:  Eagle County School District’s   Salaries + Benefits + Debt Service on the ($128 Million Dollar ECSD Bond Debt) = 80% of our District’s Annual Budget!!!

Now add to that (fixed?) Annual (operational costs) i.e.  School Bus/Transportation/Telecommunications/Utilities and School Lunches…and your can very quickly see our School District’s elected School Board – does not have much of a Budget – they have any real Educational discretion on.

63% of the District Budget goes to Salaries and Benefits – yet some insist our Teachers are Underpaid.  Do you (EC Taxpayer) have a Pension – and work (~9) months of the year?

Our Eagle County (resort neighborhoods – Beaver Creek, Cordillera, Bachelor Gulch     et al) for the most part – don’t burden our Public School District with a plethora of children in our Schools.  Yet they do pay Property Taxes – the bulk of which ends up in our School District’s coffers.

One wonders how Communities in other parts of the United States (without Million Dollar Resort Real Estate) adequately fund their Public Schools.

Our Eagle County Public School “mill levy” is voted on in December each year per (Colorado State Statute) our current mill levy is (21.517) and (ECT believes) has very little chance of being adjusted (lower) because of Eagle County’s (recently assessed) and now HIGHER Property Values.

You new elected School Board (post our November 3rd) election will be making that Mill Levy adjustment a few weeks from today.

It was very disappointing at the ECSD Candidates Forum – this question about Mill Levy’s was never asked…yet this effects every single Property Owner in our School District.

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