Avon Town Council – Recall Election 2016

Question.  How will a Recall Election in the Town of Avon – actually work?


Per Section 1 of Article 21 of the Colorado Constitution – the Citizens of Colorado (Avon in this case) are granted the legal authority to perform a RECALL ELECTION.

This is exactly how it will work according to Section 1-12-102 of the Colorado Revised Statues.



There are more than 750 Registered Voters in Avon – so the number of Avon Registered Voter Signatures to force a Recall Election is 300 – signed on that Recall Petition.

Avon’s Town Council Doesn’t Listen:  In November 2015 the Avon Town Council passed an Ordinance – that UPSET many Avon Voters and Property Owners – because the Ordinance approved several years of (Multi-Million Dollar) DEBT that was NOT APPROVED by Avon Voters.

The Result of this Council’s action: – was the first ever Town of Avon Referendum Election – that overturned Council’s action – last January 2015.  The purchase (and remodel) of their infamous ”Skier Building” was reject by Avon voters by almost a 2-1 margin.

Today (November 2015) this same Avon Council – has devised a new way – TO TRY AND CHEAT the Avon Voters and Property Owners – again.

Their plan hatched by the Town Manager (Virginia Egger) and Mayor Jennie Fancher – is to just (include as a “line item”) for the purchase of the infamous “Skier Building” – to be approved (and voted on) as part of the Town of Avon 2016 budget – Avon Annual Budgets are typically voted on in December – at the same time the Avon Mill Levy is set.

Should the Avon Town Council vote to approve a Budget that includes the Purchase of the (voter rejected) “Skier Building” – that event will provoke at Recall Election.

(Photo below – from Avon’s successful Referendum and Election – overturning the Avon Council’s Nov.2014 Vote to purchase the infamous Skier Building.

(L-R  Avon Clerk Debbie Hoppe, Avon Police Chief Robert Ticer, Dave Strandjord – USMC Veteran –  Dave handing in Petition Signatures from his teams successful Referendum)


Avon’s Recall Election:

ECT has read that:  A Recall Election Petition (after approved by the Avon Clerk) shall have up to 60 days to acquire the minimum 300 Signatures of Registered Avon Voters.

Once the Avon Clerk has issued the “Certificate of Sufficiency” – validating the required number of Signatures….A Recall Election will be held soon after.

Avon’s Recall Ballot:  The Avon Ballot shall have two boxes, marked “Yes” approving the Recall and “No” disapproving the Recall.  There will also be a list of candidates on that Ballot (new Council members you can vote for) to replace the current Avon Council member.  In this sense, the Avon Recall Election is held simultaneously with the election of the new Avon Council member.

There can be little doubt that the first official action of the new majority of Avon Council members will be – to put current Avon Town Manager (Virginia Egger) on “Administrative Leave” pending a legal review of her personal involvement in putting the purchase of the Ski Building as a line item in Avon’s 2016 Budget.

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