Avon’s Council – Ignoring Avon Voters and Property Owners

by Clayton Moore

Led by Avon Town Manager (Virginia Egger) and Avon Mayor (Jennie Fancher) the Avon Town Council is threatening Avon Voters and Property Owners.


The Council is Threatening Avon Voters with a $1.5 Million Dollar (2016 Budget) Line Item Purchase of their infamous “Skier Building” – even after Avon Voters said “NO!” last January 2015 – in a Special Election Vote!

The Plan being pushed by the Town Manager (and some Council members) – is to simply have their Avon Budget “approved” by voting on the entire Budget that includes this specific – Line Item Purchase.  (see below) CIP = Capital Improvement Project


Last January 2015 – Special Election – Avon Voters REJECTED the purchase of the “Skier Building” by a voter margin of almost 2-1.  (Click Here)

FACT:  Avon’s Skier Building is a “shell”.  It has remained empty and unoccupied for 10+ years (photo below).  Nothing is inside, which means (in addition to the purchase price) a $2+Million dollar remodel is needed before the building can be used to house Town of Avon Bureaucrats!  Make no mistake the Avon Taxpayer and Property Owners will foot the bill for the Purchase and Remodel!  (photo below of the inside of the “Skier Building”).


FACT:  The current Avon Town Manger does not live in Avon.  She lives in Singletree/Edwards, so HER property IS NOT being attached to all this additional long term Avon debt…including (the ECT will point out) the still being proposed Multi-Million Dollar new Avon Police Station.

FACT:  The Avon Town Council has been told in writing that ANY MEMBER of Avon’s Council who “votes to approve” their 2016 Avon Budget (that includes) money to purchase the Skier Building – will be included in an Avon Recall Election!

To stay up to speed on this developing Avon Election Issue – send an EMail to


They will be maintaining a list of Registered Avon Voters – so you can be contacted – and help sign the Petition.

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