Eagle Vail – No Way 5A?

Some Call It –  “Signing the Sign”

ECT not sure this is completely legal – However ECT found it rather Clever…take a small sticker, attach it to the upper left of the original sign and 100% change the message and purpose of the original sign.


Seems some of these Eagle Vail folks – know how to use Facebook, too!


5 responses

    • Normally I say this is a terrible no no. BUT, in this case the POA gave the ‘neighborhood yes group’ (headed by some of the board members) $6000 to advertise their opinions. Money paid by all the taxpayers of Eaglevail. Of course by the time any ‘no’ people found out it was too late to ‘apply’ far a similar Grant.
      SOOOO, in a just world they feel they should be entitled to use some of them.

      • Maybe…that’s where the “sign the sign” effort came from…Don’t know.
        ECT is predicting that Eagle-Vail’s 5A Ballot Issue goes down HARD!
        We’ll know more tomorrow nite.

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