From the Street

Vail’s Town Council Election – this Tuesday, November 3rd 2015

ECT knows something about Recycling – however Vail’s (been there years before) Town  Council “Recycled Candidates” – isn’t what the ECT has in mind.

Kevin-FoleyOf the (3) trying to be Recycled – former Council members trying to return – after years off the Council Kevin Foley (photo) is by far the most attractive.  Unlike Kevin’s opponent – (Ludi Kurtz) Kevin doesn’t have a long standing financial relationship with – Vail Resorts.  Kevin hangs around Town a lot and is much more likely to listen TO YOU than have him lecture you on what your Town Council is proposing.

Recycled Candidate (former Mayor – Dick Cleveland) well…the ECT still has not forgiven Dick for his very vocal part in helping pass Vail legislation – outlawing “Plastic Bags” at the City Market and Safeway in Vail.

ECT says – stop messing with our LIBERTY – Dick Cleveland – it’s up to the individual to decide for him/herself what kind of Grocery Bag we should use.  Not you.  If you want to encourage ECO-Behavior, go ahead – just don’t mandate and legislate it.

Kevin Foley is a winner.  From there the ECT will encourage Vail Voters to support “new-blood” on their Town Council – and let them make their own decisions….without all the Recycling.


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