Vail Daily Their – "Skin in the Game"

by  Eagle County’s Independent Media

What do you mean – the Vail Daily employees have “Skin in the Game”?

FACT is:  Eagle Vail’s 5A (Property Tax) Ballot Issue – affects them too.

Turns out…the Fishwrap’s main building is inside Eagle Vail’s Property Tax District that is voting on the 5A Ballot Issue this Tuesday, November 3rd.


Now Consider:  Our Eagle County Assessor (Mark Chapin) – has seen to it that most folks (and Businesses) are already being handed a big Property Tax increase starting – January 2016.

Now Add to that cost increase – their newspaper Headline from last week…


Now…Here comes Eagle Vail’s (proposed) Property Tax Increase – Ballot Issue 5A on top of those cost increases to their Employer – the Vail Daily.

Pay Attention – Vail Daily Employees!  This is about your Pay and Benefits!

A Reasonable Question, VD Employees:  Can you really expect a Pay Raise and improved (Medical?) Benefits Package – Next Year – when your Employer will have to pay those (already) increased annual Property Taxes and (possibly) additional 5A Taxes?  Don’t forget – even if you Rent – your Landlord will be more than happy to pass his increased Property Taxes – tacked on to your already too high, Rent. 

Seriously, is the Advertising Revenue at the Fishwrap – growing anywhere near 20% a year – just to keep up with the Daily’s increased Property Taxes and increased Medical Insurance Costs?

ECT Suggestion – to the Fishwrap Folks:  Report more on the Increase Cost of Living here in Eagle County – and less on the “Affordable Housing” topic.

FACT is:  No Eagle County Housing is going to be “Affordable” for any of our working families if our Cost of Living here continues to increase much faster – than our collective pay and benefits!


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