Eagle County’s – Political Capital 2015?

Well… you had to be able to Ski.  And Talk.  Last week’s assembled group of Vail and County Politicians gathered for a day of turning “left and right” in balanced amounts on Vail Mountain.

Mr. Trump might ask…So who got an earful of “how to make Vail and Eagle County – Great Again?                                                                L-R

Bobby Murphy (Director of the Vail Ski and Snowboard School) – You’d better show up in Shape if you intend to hang with this guy Skiing the Hill.

Newly Elected Kim Langmaid of the Vail Town Council – soon to learn more about Physics…and possibly the advantages of wearing a ski helmet.

EC Commissioner – Kathy Chandler-Henry (she has a great new idea about how to make the Vail Hospital – Great Again.  Ask her.)

Jake (who lives by the lake) Wolf – Avon Town Council –he’s faster on that snowboard than you think…and prefers to Snowboard with a Chewbacca doll under his ski jacket.

Greg (ask me about my new Titanium knee) Moffet – Vail Town Council

Jen (I have the prettiest Blue Eyes on Vail Mountain – she does, Click Here) Mason – Vail Town Council

Finally a representative from Eagle County’s overburdened Taxpayers who kept insisting these folks need to spend more time listening to somebody who is unquestionably “in their Right Mind”.


Special thanks to the Friendly Gals from EpicMix – Pics!  Who took the above photo today!  Just click on the photo below to visit photographer – Ms. Meghan on Facebook.


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