Kaiser Permanente – Comes through for Lower Insurance Costs in Eagle County

by  the Fans of Lower Cost – Health Insurance

Dateline:  Friday, December 18th 2015 – Eagle County, Colorado

National Healthcare provider – Kaiser Permenente announced today a new Healthcare agreement between KP and Valley View Hospital, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  The new Agreement includes Emergency, Primary and Specialty Care Services.

“How does this effect, ME?”

Answer:  It is another positive step – in the long term goal of promoting more affordable Health Insurance costs for folks living and working in the Highest Health Insurance cost area in the United States.  That’s us, Eagle County.  (Photo – KP’s new office Edwards, Colorado)

Lower Health Insurance costs in Eagle County won’t arrive over night – however thisIMG_1407 new KP Announcement – along with the $11 Million Dollar investment by Centura Health now under construction in Avon – are new Market Forces that will ultimately require that the Vail Valley Medical Center – start to compete – offering more affordable Heath Services – including their “Cash Cow” Medical Imaging prices at the Vail Hospital.

Kudos to KP and Valley View Hospital.  Shame on Eagle County’s Vail Valley Medical Center and Vail Hospital, Board!

Consider:  As a National Healthcare provider – KP “puts together medical service (Hospital) deals and agreements” all over the United States.

Q.)  Then why hasn’t our Vail Valley Medical Center – put together their own Medical Services deal with KP – right here in Eagle County?

Answer:  Greed.  And the current Hospital Boards (pathological) desire to protect their decades old “monopoly” on what we all pay for Medical Services and Heath Insurance here in Eagle County, Colorado.  That’s why.

(Click Here) to read Kaiser Permanente’s Press Release.

Kaiser Permanente offers a wide variety of plans to meet your budget. If you are interested in learning more about Kaiser Permanente plans, please call 1-844-837-6884 or visit Connect for Health Colorado’s website, connectforhealthco.com.

UPDATE:  KP’s new Edwards office scheduled to open January 2016 – Centura Health’s new (50,000 sq. ft) Avon office scheduled opening in June-July 2016 – photo below.



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