2016–Eagle County Tech Year Moving Forward

by  Clayton Moore

Others won’t tell you.  Mostly because they just don’t know.

So the ECT will tell you.

Eagle County Tech Year 2016 – New Happenings

Interestingly most of the Tech items worth noting arrived in the last (2) months of this Year – 2015

Location:  East end of Eagle County – where Comcast Internet Service is available.

Do you use their Internet service for your Business?  Process Credit Cards, EMail, or perhaps host your companies business web site?

Well…what is of interest is your Comcast Internet Connection now has REDUNDANCY that you did not have, earlier in 2015.  The original Fiber Optic run from Comcast’s Head-End in Avon ran down I-70 Eastbound.  It was cut several times last summer by CDOT Contractors working I-70 construction in Idaho Springs…

Now Comcast has an additional Fiber Optic run I-70 west bound (from Avon) that connects to the existing fiber along the Rail Road tracks in Dotsero.  That other Fiber Run comes from the Moffet Tunnel out of Denver and follows the Rail line into Glenwood Springs and later Aspen… (Photo – Comcast Avon & Yellow Fiber Optics)


Yes, you can expect much less Internet Connection problems if Comcast is your service provider.

New from AT&T – HD Voice

If you have an iPhone (version 6 or newer) you’re eligible to hear a greatly improved Digital Audio – when making phone calls over the AT&T telephone network.  Yes, the local AT&T Cell Tower you’re using locally (Eagle County is now supporting this) supports their new HD Voice – BUT REMEMBER – the person you’re calling must also be using an AT&T Cell Tower that supports HD Voice for his/her iPhone too.  ECT folks can confirm calls from Eagle County into Dallas, Texas support the new HD voice.  Expect (many+1) more AT&T Cell Towers to support this new feature in the months to come.


Tracking Mexican Flights over Eagle County

ECT folks can Real-Time track Flights over Eagle County today.  We can also run Flight Reports from our cumulative tracking Database.

So?  So it might interest you to know that the number of Flights from Mexico (all Private) nearly doubled from 2015 – 2016 – Time Frame:  15DEC2015 – 4JAN2016  (Click Here)

250 Flights Recorded.  Did you know that our (KEGE) Vail Valley Jet Center offers direct (inbound) flights from Mexico – Customs and Immigration services during our Tourist Winter months?  Ole!

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