Avon’s Council – Misleading Avon Taxpayers AGAIN!

by  Clayton Moore

Avon’s Town Council and Avon’s Town Staff are Misleading Avon Taxpayers again.

Avon Colorado – May 2016 (Special New Tax Election)

Avon’s Council and Town Staff want Avon Voters to Vote themselves Millions in more Long Term Avon Debt – by supporting their May 2016 Ballot Issue – that will allow Avon to issue Millions of Dollars (read: Additional Long Term Debt) to be paid for by Avon existing confiscatory (and never ending) 2% Real Estate Transfer Tax.  It’s for a new proposed Avon Police Station – see drawing below.

How their proposed Scheme works?  (Circa 1998) Avon Voters approved Millions in Long Term Debt to pay for all of Avon’s Round-a-bouts on Avon Road.  That Debt is about to be paid off (2016-2017)!  So by rights the Avon Council should be talking about REDUCING THEIR 2% Real Estate Transfer Tax – but instead are proposing millions more in New Additional Long Term Debt – to be paid for by the “never ending” 2% Real Estate Transfer Tax!!!

How is the Avon Council “selling Millions more of new, long term Debt” to Avon voters?

Avon’s Recent Press Release:  While no increase in existing taxes or new tax sources will be needed by Avon for the COPs, Council has directed the Avon Town Attorney, Eric Heil, to prepare a May 3rd ballot question seeking voter approval for the issuance of COPs.”

FACT:  There was no Expectation at the time Avon Voters voted to approve (circa 1998) the Round-a-Bouts – that this Long Term Debt would continue into perpetuity!  There was nothing in the original Ballot Language that suggested this Taxation will last forever!


By all Rights:  The Avon Town Council should be talking about reducing Avon’s (2%) Real Estate Transfer Tax – so that Avon Property Owners Property can be more competitive with Property in the surrounding neighborhoods near Avon.  No surrounding Neighborhoods have as high a RETT Tax 2% as Avon’s (except Beaver Creek).  Did any of these current Avon Council members run their election campaigns insisting” “vote for me and I promise to never lower your 2% RETT Tax”?

One more FACT Avon Taxpayers – Your Eagle River Fire Protection District (of which Avon is a member) also wants to Raise Your Taxes in their own/seperate (May 2016) Special Tax Election.  The ERFPD wants you to agree to new Taxes to pay for a new Multi-Million Dollar Fire Station in Avon – to be physically attached to the proposed new Avon Police Station.  Their proposed New Tax would also pay for a “face lift” to their existing Edwards Fire Station – they insist is in need of a remodel.

Question:  Is your personal income (or business income?) going up fast enough to support all these new Taxes?  How much did your Health Insurance costs go up this year?  An Architects design (below) for the proposed Joint Fire-Police Station in Avon…you can see Avon’s new (~50,000 sq/ft) Medical Office Building (now under construction) shown to the left of the red/blue buildings.


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