Doris’s Day in Avon

by    the Fans of Free (and Genuine) Market Capitalism

Yes, it was Doris’s Day in Avon last week.

Vail Valley Medical Center’s CEO Doris Kirchner – was in the Town of Avon (Christy Lodge for a public Lunch and presentation last Tuesday) – to talk about what our Vail Hospital has planned for some expansion in Eagle County.  Can you tell “who is who”, below?  Turns out the majority of indiviuals listenting to Doris’s public Lunch presentation – are on Medicare!  No doubt, that crowd would have no trouble ID-ing “who is who” in the photo below!  There was also plenty of VVMC staff members at the Lunch Presentation too.


Underrepresented?  Folks not able to attend?  Those would be – the local folks working during the week to pay for their own Health Insurance and their Businesses Health Insurance too!  Recall, we all pay the highest Health Insurance costs in the U.S. – (Click Here)

What the ECT learned last Tuesday listening to Doris…

1.)   Ms. Doris’s pitch centered on the amount and quaility of Healthcare Services that the Vail Hospital (read: Vail Valley Medical Center) provides to our Community.  ECT agrees with Ms. Doris – our local Healthcare Professionals that provide Heathcare do a very good job – every day.  Our Comminites access to excellent Medical Services – is not in question.

2.)   When Doris’s pitch changes to the topic of “cost” (Read:  the Highest Health Insurance cost in our Nation)….Doris’s Day presentation sounded more like “Marie Antoinette” expresses her concern for our Communites Medical Care costs.  (Side Note:  ECT did not notice Cake being served on the Lunch menu)

3.)  FACT:  VVMC CEO – Ms. Doris cannot take all the credit for transforming Eagle County into the Highest Health Insurace area in the U.S. – without the “full throated” support of her Vail Valley Medical Center – Board.  No question, Ms. Antoinette has plenty of friends on the VVMC Board.

4.)  Q&A time after Lunch…When Ms. Doris was shown (and everyone else at the Lunch meeting) her (VVMC) Federal 990 Tax Return – proving that the VVMC has (2012 Tax Return) $164+ Million Dollas in Cash and Equivalents – (Click Here) Doris showed no (Remorse to our Community) and no Resonable Explaintion how any (501© 3 – Non Profit) could acquire that kind of Wealth – without grossly OVER CHARGING  – the Medical Centers Patients, Family and Friends – in our Community.  Imagine that.  One wonders what our friends at the IRS might have to say about VVMC’s (continuing) “non-profit” status.  One also wonders why VVMC’s former (CFO – Chief Financial Officier – Charles Crevling) recently resigned…

The Good News looking Ahead?

The Vail Hospital is going to have more (Medical Services) competition in the months and years ahead.

Centura Health is building a new ~50,000 sq/ft Medical Office Building in Avon.  Opening scheduled for ~June 2016.  Dr. Brooks Bock and his team of Physicans from Colorado Mountain Medical – will be moving from their current Edwards office this June as well.  It also means CMM will no longer PAY RENT to VVMC – since VVMC owns the space in Edwards that CMM is currently renting.  Centura is also planning a full Emergency Room (7x24x365) in Avon starting in June.

Centura Health is a direct competitor to Kaiser Permanente on the Front Range.  CH also owns St. Anthony’s Hospital in Frisco.  KP has since opened a very small office in Edwards this January 2016 – and KP has also announced a “medical services agreement” with Valley View Hospital in Glenwood.

Interestingly Ms. Doris – admitted at Lunch last week – that the Vail Hospital “was talking to Kaiser Permanente as well”.  Ms. Doris did not elaborate any further than that.

The Hope is…

That with this additional competition is it hoped that VVMC (Hospital Monopoly) will be a “thing of the past” by this time next Year – and all of us will have more affordable Heath Insurance Rates in the years to come.  We’ll see.


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