Fire District’s New Tax Proposal

by  the fans of Rod Serling

Imagine if you will…

Attending a Community Meeting in your neighborhood – inside your only and currently unmanned (7×24) Fire Station.

Then your Fire Chief (Karl Bauer) explains to the assembled Property Owners – that if they agree to Millions More in additional Property Taxes – in this May 2016 special Fire District election – the Chief tells you  – his plan is to close and possibly (sell?) what was once your neighborhood Fire Station.  HUH?


Yes, that’s exactly what the Eagle River Fire Protection District’s Proposal was to these Avon folks in the (above) photo.  Incredibly, Avon Taxpayers are being asked to pay “TWICE” – since Avon is included inside the Fire District!  Say what?

Avon Taxpayers are being asked to pay “Twice” for what?  (two different May 2016 Ballot questions).  In order to make Chief Bauer’s plan complete – Avon Taxpayers must agree to accept Millions more in (ADDITIONAL) long term AVON DEBT – to pay for the proposed new Avon Police Station in addition to the Chief’s new Fire Station since both have been designed as a “JOINT” fire-police) facility.  Photo below.  No firm COST numbers have been presented to Fire District and Avon Taxpayers as of this writing – 31JAN2016.  Some folks are telling the ECT that the total proposed new Debt (Avon Police + Fire District) could be in the $20-$30Million Dollar range of new Debt and never ending Taxes…Stay Tuned.



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