Just Exactly where is this Wyndham?

by     Who’s on First?

Back in 2014 when the Wyndham opened  in a Town most people call “Avon” – the Wyndham was advertising itself as “Wyndham Beaver Creek” even though the Wyndham’s main entrance was just off West Benchmark Road in Avon…at least 1/2 mile from the gated entrance to Beaver Creek.


Today – January 2016 – it seems the Wyndham’s sign has been updated!  The same old Wyndham has now been (upgraded?) to a “Resort at Avon” it would  seem…


Now all we have to do…is have someone “tell the Internet”  It’s been (moved?) back to Avon????… per below screen shot from Monday, January 25th 2016. 

Who’s is on first?   Indeed.  ECT folks willing to bet…some folks in charge of “branding” at the Beaver Creek Resort Company – were none to happy with the Wyndham’s earlier struggle with Geography and perhaps even using a GPS…



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