Poverty Claims? – From our EC School District

by   Clayton Moore and the fans of Sgt. Joe Friday

Just the Facts Ma’am…

Last week the Issue of adequate EC Public School fund reappeared in a Headline…


Here is what – you were not told in that Article!

DATELINE:  Eagle County Public School District – Board Meeting (minutes) July 8th 2015


From Page 3 of 5 from the July 8th 2015 – Minutes:  ECSD Superintendent – Dr. Jason Glass commenting to our Elected School Board members about the Financial Condtion of our Eagle County School District….


Dr. Glass:  Our EC School District in “solid financial shape”! 

For ECT readers concerned the ECT has taken Dr. Glass’s comments (out of context?) (Click Here) to download a PDF copy (5 pages) of that entire July 8th Meetings minutes.  (Click Here) to read Randy Wyrick’s complete Fishwrap headline and story from last week – 2 page PDF.

More Interesting Financial Facts from our Eagle County Assessor’s Office and EC Treasurer’s Office.

FACT:  At the time Dr. Glass made his July 2015 – public comments – the EC Treasurer’s and Assessor office (had not yet) released their Public Financial numbers for HOW MUCH ADDITIONAL Eagle County Property Taxes will be collected in Eagle County in 2016.

RECALL:  That the majority of our Property Taxes collected goes into Colorado’s Public School System.

The additional amount (2015 vs. 2016) of Property Taxes – due to be collected in Eagle County 2016 (per the Treasurer and Assessor from last week)

2015 – $164,856,930.00

2016 – $183,996,415.00

Increase in Eagle County Property Taxes (to be collected in 2016):  $19,139,485.00

Agreed:  Some (most) but not all of that addtional $19 Million will go into Colorado’s Public School System.

So the question to Eagle County (2016) Taxpayers is:  If our EC School District is in “solid financial shape” and there is a reasonable expectation that our School Distict will recieve additional (2016) funding from our higher Property Taxes…then why is our School District (insisting?) they need (Millions more?) in the form of a potential new Bond Issue, secured by even Higher Eagle County Property Taxes?


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