Bernie Sanders vs. PowerBall

by  Clayton Moore

No doubt about it.  74 year old Democrat Presidential candidate – Bernie Sanders is an “out of the closet” Socialist.  Bernie wants the Government to run the U.S. Economy – not the forces of “Free Market Capitalism”.

In January 2016 the largest (to date) PowerBall jackpot was advertised at $1.5 Billion. According to Gary Grief of PowerBall (Click Here) 371 Million tickets were sold before any winners were declared in that single PowerBall event in spite of the odds of winning in that event were  1 in 292 Million!


Bernie, The population of the U.S. (January 2016) is estimated (by U.S. Census) at 322 Million vs. those 371 Million PowerBall tickets sold.  The number of total Votes cast in the last Presidential election (2012) was 126.8 Million votes.

Granted Bernie, some Americans bought more than (1) ticket.  So now let’s Ask…Out of the 371 Million PowerBall Tickets Sold – how many of those Millions of Americans are (genuinely?) interested in having their personal winnings “redistributed” by a Socialist Government?

Do you know anyone Bernie – that said “I’m buying my PowerBall ticket because I want the Government to redistribute MY winnings!”

There is little doubt here at the ECT – that Bernie’s central economic message won’t resonate with the Millions of hard working Americans that will be voting in the November 2016 election.

Perhaps Bernie’s election message should be “Vote for Me and I’ll make sure you get a PowerBall ticket”.

One response

  1. “Redistribution of Wealth” is used frequently to obfuscate the fact that most wealth is “Redistributed” from the middle class to the top. Not the other way around as the above dogma describes.

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