Avon’s – Taxpayers "Misinformed" Again

by  Clayton Moore

Why is Avon’s Town Council and Town Manager (Virginia Egger) withholding ELECTION INFORMATION from Avon Voters and Taxpayers?

What is it – that their Town Council and Town Manger “DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW”?

What they’re telling Avon Voters and Taxpayers about the upcomming Tuesday, May 3rd 2016 Avon Election…


Here is what Avon’s Council and Town Manager ARE NOT TELLING YOU!

Fact:  Avon Taxpayers have long term Bond Debt that is being retired (read: paid off)

Fact:  Avon Taxpayers ARE NOT being given the Realistic Option to Vote to REDUCE their Confiscatory 2% Real Estate Transfer Tax – rather ONLY THE OPTION to take on ~$6.2 Million Dollars more in ADDITIONAL LONG TERM DEBT!

Avon Taxpayers:  Are your Elected Officials representing “Their Interests” or  your “Taxpayer Interests”?

Fact:  Avon’s Confiscatory 2% Real Estate Transfer Tax is higher than any of the Neighborhoods that surround the Town of Avon.  (Click Here)

Current Eagle County RETT Rates

Avon                     2%

Singletree Neighborhood in Edwards    0%  (this is where Avon Town Manager lives)

Eagle Vail            0%

Arrowhead        1.5%

Vail                        1%

Arrowhead         1%

Keep in mind about your Avon Property –  You PAY 2% of your Properties Value when you buy into Avon.  Your Property Pays 2% AGAIN when you sell your Property in Avon – AND don’t forget your (6%) Real Estate Commission you pay your Realtor when you sell.

Bottom Line:  Your Avon Property has to appreciate by 10% – just for you to “break even” on your Avon Property Purchase.  Don’t forget you’ll be paying Annual Property Taxes on your Avon Property for as long as you own it.  So, the ECT will argue your Avon Property has to appreciate more than 10% to compensate for the Property Taxes paid during the time you own your Property!

What else is Avon’s Council and Town Manager NOT TELLING YOU?

Fact:  Under the current Design Proposal of the so called “Joint Public Safety Facility” – it’s a single Building Structure paid for by BOTH the Avon Taxpayers and the Taxpayers in the Eagle River Fire Protection District (of which Avon Taxpayers are a member!).  So, YES, the Avon Taxpayers are being asked to pay TWICE!  Once for the cost of the Avon Police side of the Building – AND – also for their share of the Millions in costs to pay for the Fire Station as well!

ECT Question for Fire District and Avon Taxpayers:   Is your personal and current Business Income increasing so rapidly now – that you can afford to pay for all this new Debt and still maintain your current Standard of Lving?  What will all this new Debt do to your Property Value?

What about Additional Traffic Impacts?  The proposed location of this new Joint Facility is between Avon’s new ~50,000 sq/ft. Medical Office Building and Jim Pavleich’s “Northside Cafe Restaurant”.

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