Keep on Truckin? ECT knows YOU noticed too!

Yes.  The ECT folks like many of our Readers – always notice things that are missing…

Most notable this past week – far less Tractor Trailer Traffic on I-70 in Eagle County.  No doubt CDOT will get I-70 through the Glenwood Canyon open soon – however what concerns the ECT folks is that, that (singular) unstable Rock Slide in the Canyon – can’t be the only UNSTABLE place in the 14+ miles of (1,000 verticle foot – Rock Walls) inside the Glenwood Canyon.  Now add in the typical Spring time (freeze-thaw) between the Rocks of the Canyon and you can see how folks “who are aware” would be a little “spooked” driving I-70 through that Canyon over the next few months…No doubt CDOTs Civil Engineering team has similar concerns…


While the ECT appreciates less Tractor Trailer traffic in I-70, ECT also appreciates it when our Grocery Stores are well stocked and the local Gas Stations have gas to sell…

One response

  1. Could be landlocked 🙂 Tonight @ 7:16 PM- EC Alert: “There is a rock slide in Dowd Junction at WB MM 171 on I70. The slow lane is blocked.”

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