Fire District – We want $25 Million more in NEW TAXES!!!!

By  Clayton Moore

Never mind that your Eagle County Property Taxes – just went up!

The Eagle River Fire Protection District wants $25 Million more!  Their New Tax agenda announced at a meeting in Avon Tuesday, February 23rd 2016.  It’s a 30 year (TAX-Bond) issue to be attached to all Real Property in the District!

In addition to that — the Town of Avon ALSO wants to spend $6.5 Million Dollars MORE – rather than let Avon Voters – Vote to lower their 2% Real Estate Transfer Tax!

The (2) elections (U.S. Mail) are Scheduled for May 3rd 2016!

Q.)  Why are these election(s) being held this May?

A.)  Because the Eagle County Public School District – will also have their own request for Higher Taxes – this November 8th 2016!!!!

This gives Eagle County the Perfect TAX TRIFECTA for 2016!

Cops vs. Kids vs. Fire District!!!  (What’s in your Wallet?)


Q.)  Who Gets to Vote this May 3rd?

A.)  Fire District – All Registered Colorado Voters that own Property in the Eagle River Fire Protection District (Tennessee Pass, Camp Hale, Red Cliff, Minturn, Eagle-Vail, Avon, Mountain Star, Wildridge, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead, Homestead, Edwards, Lake Creek, Singletree, Pilgrim Downs, all of Cordillera, Bellyache Ridge, Red Sky Ranch and associated portions of I-70, Hwy 6 & Hwy 24)

All District Property Owners are encouraged to call – Kris Nash W(970.748.4731) to make sure you get your U.S. Mailed Ballot.  EMail:  KNash@EagleRiverFire—-dot—org.

All Registered Avon Voters can Vote on spending the proposed $6.5 Million Dollars for the Avon Police Station.

So the next time you speak to one of these Elected Officials or Fire District folks – ASK THEM – Just how do all these NEW TAXES make it more affordable to live here?

Stay Tuned!

One response

  1. Well keep hiking taxes up-valley (on top of the schools up-coming tax hike and current property tax increases, ouch) and soon enough Eagle County won’t have a ‘Up-Valley’ and ‘Down-Valley’ demographic income split! We will all be equal in our disposable spendable income dollars.

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