The "Bath Water" Boyz – on the Radio too?

by   the fans of the ECT

If you enjoy listening to folks who like to “drink their own Bath Water” – tonight’s KZYR Radio program is for you!

From the Fishwrap’s “Editor – Half the Story” to their own “Tuesday’s Atheist” it seems it’s “all hands on deck” for a discussion of COMMUNITY TOPICS THEY WON’T DISCUSS!

Here is what you won’t hear them discuss…

1 –  The amount of Paid Print Advertising that the Vail Hospital (VVMC) pays the Vail Daily each year – for the Daily’s “silence” on topics like – the most expensive place in the U.S. for a family to by Health Insurance (Eagle County).  That’s documented (thanks’ to the ECT).  Well Boyz?  What about the $164 Million Dollars in “cash and equivalents” VVMC has in the bank due to “over charging” for Medical Services in Eagle County?   (Click Here)

2 –  Proposed new Eagle County Taxes – vs. our need for more Affordable Housing.  Indeed, Boyz – how does proposing all these new Taxes – make it more affordable to live here?  (Eagle’s and Edwards Proposed new Sales Taxes)  $25 Million in proposed new Fire District Property Taxes.  Avon trying to enforce their Sales Tax as if Avon had (they don’t) a “Use Tax”.  “We need more Affordable Housing” – because our advertising Handlers at Vail Resorts – want us to run more stories about Affordable Housing for their Employees!

3 – Colorado’s November 2016 Ballot – that includes a proposed new Tax (for/against) “Single Payer Health Plan” that would raise Colorado State Income Tax to ~14.6% – that would be the highest in the U.S.!

4 –  Hey!  How come no LADY “Pundits” Boyz?  See Ad below.  ECT sides with our ladies – ECT not interested in “drinking your bath water” either!

Strangely, the “Reporters Roundtable” is almost like watching the Fox News Network where – the SAME OLD GOP establishment commentators – tell the rest of us, what we should be thinking. 

ECT will Pass on this one.


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