Mid-Vail’s – Palm Trees!

by  Jimmy Olsen

What seems to grow on Vail Mountain when our Skiing weather turns to Sunnier and Warmer?

Answer:  Coconut Free – Palm Trees and  Lots of them too, at least in Mid Vail.  Interestingly, this particular Genus of Palm Tree has a 100% guaranteed natural immunity against the Pine Beetle infestation that has ravaged so many of the Evergreen Trees on Vail Mountain and elsewhere in the Mountain West.  The ECT insists when it comes to really “Going Green” there’s nothing quite like the Trees of (HGL).


Meanwhile…it was Political Caucus Week in Colorado last week.  Our Colorado Statewide R’s & D’s met to discuss and promote their favorite Presidential Candidates last Tuesday.

Keeping “TABs” on it all this Caucusing is the ECT’s favorite Local Architect – Tab Bonidy.  TAB = The Architectural Balance.  Tab hails from Precinct 19 (Avon) and insists your need a Big Calculator on your Smartphone to keep up with all the Millions in new Taxes and Spending  – his City Council wants to inflict in Avon!  Amen, Tab!


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