Why Avon needs a Recall Election!

by  Clayton Moore

It’s Recall Election time in Avon.  And the ECT will prove it.

There is no shortage today of UNHAPPY Voters and Taxpayers – Nationally as well as Locally.  No matter which group of Voters you look at – the Sanders and Trump campaigns have exposed Millions and Millions of UNHAPPY and dissatisfied folks.

Now comes Avon – where Avon Voters, voted in Referendum (Jan. 2014) – by almost (2-1) to say “NO!” to the Taxpayer Purchase of their infamous Avon Skier Building.  (Click Here)

Last Friday (4MAR2016) their same City Council (that provoked Avon’s first ever Referendum) announced their intension to buy that same Skier Building for $1.5 Million and an additional $3 Million for (mandatory) Remodel.  (Click Here)  The Building is intended to be offices for Avon Town Bureaucrats.

(Photo Below– what the inside of that Building for Bureaucrats currently looks like)

Public Benefit?    ECT will get to that.

These “Tax and Spend” Avon announcements are IN ADDITION – their City Council’s current request for $6.5 Million in additional long Term Avon Debt for a new Police Station – and including Avon’s share of the $25 Million (Property Tax Increase) being requested by the Fire District – of which Avon is a part.  That ($6.5 Mill + $25 Mill) Special Election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 3rd 2016.

So, Why does Avon need a Recall Election?

Consider – on the just announced $4.5 Million Dollar – Skier Building (re-purchase?)…

What is the Public Benefit of all that Tax Money being spent?

1 –  Does that improve anyone’s Quality of Life?  Standard of Living?  Improve Traffic and Avon Roads?  No.

2 –  Are YOUR Avon “Property Values” going up because of this Purchase?  No.

3 –  Does a new Office Building for Avon Bureaucrats improve in any way – Public Safety?  No.

4 –  Millions Spent….yet any improvement for our Kids Education?  No.

Indeed, what Possible Taxpayer Justification can Avon’s City Council claim for this purchase – AFTER the Avon Voters have already said “NO!”?

That Ladies and Gentlemen is why Avon needs a Recall Election!

Avon’s next City Council meeting  is next Tuesday, March 8th 2016 – 5:05PM at Avon’s Municipal Building.  You’re welcome to come and you’ll have the chance to tell the City Council what you think!  (Click Here) for a copy of that meetings Agenda.

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