Avon’s Council to Avon Voters and Taxpayers – "F" You!

Seriously.  After Avon Voters (by almost 2-1) and said “NO” to the Purchase of Avon’s Infamous “Skier Building” – that Purchase is now being APPROVED by the same Avon Council that was told “NO” by Avon Voters in January 2015!

If that isn’t an “F You” to Avon Voters and Taxpayers – than what is?

What Avon Voters and Taxpayers need to know:  Avon’s current Mayor – Jennie Fancher has to run to keep her seat this November 2016 as does Mayor Pro Tem (Vice Mayor) – Jake Wolf)

November 2016 can’t arrive soon enough for Avon Councilmember Buz Reynolds who will depart Council – due to Term Limits. 

Avon Resident and local Architect Tab Bonidy – pointed out the Council’s Fiscal Fantasy at the Meeting.  Tab pointed out…when Avon Voters originally REJECTED the Purchase (January 2015) it was…

ORIGINALLY REJECTED:   $3.2 Million Dollar Purchase + $1.5 Million Remodel = $4.7 Million total.

Now Endorsed by Avon’s Council:  $1.5 Million Dollar Purchase + $3 Million Remodel = $4.5 Million.

$200,000.00 – the difference between “Good and Bad” on a $4.5 Million dollar purchase?  HUH?

Avon local Mark Kogan endorsed this new Purchase Packages as a “Good Deal” compared to the original Purchase package that Kogan claimed at the time was a “Bad Deal”.  By the ECT’s math – 4.4% is the difference between “Good and “Bad” in the mind of Kogan.  The ECT folks see things very differently.

Mr. Kogan (formerly with Goldman Sachs) also forgot to mention the new Property DOES NOT come with any new-additional Parking for the facility.

Watching these Avon Council members discuss this Purchase in their Council meeting was like listening to Forest Gump discuss Financing in the Twilight Zone.

Take Heart Avon Voters:  Your neighbors in Eagle-Vail rejected their (elected boards) proposal to attach their Eagle Vail homes to an additional $23 Million in long term debt – in last November’s (5A) Ballot issue – election.  5A failed.

Right After that:  The elected Eagle Vail board members that were proponents of this new Debt were summarily THROWN OUT OF OFFICE – by the Eagle Vail Voters.  Yes, both Betsy Laughlin and Mark Miscio were replaced by (Judd Watts, Jake Jacobson and Stephen Daniels)  Good for you Eagle Vail Voters!


Just “click on” the Goldman graphic above…


5 responses

  1. What a terribly and offensively written article slamming a council that has worked hard to bring the change in Avon that residents have wanted. Not sure what the others agenda is here, but clearly the story is a big “f*** you” to the people of Avon and Eagle-vail who support the works done by this council.

    • Rob Eaton Jr. – a friend of Avon Council member Jake Wolf.

      Jake and the rest of the Avon Council needs to listen to the Avon Voters.
      A 2-1 vote saying “NO!” to the Avon Council on the purchase of the Avon Skier Building should be clear enough to any reasonable Avon Council member that is looking to be re-elected.

      Eagle Vail Voters got rid of their elected Board members that did not listen – this past November.

      The EXACT same fate is waiting for Jake Wolf and Jennie Fancher this November 2016.

      By the way Rob nice video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V3tzbft1XM

      • Rest assured, Clayton…Jake Wolf will receive my vote and many votes come election time, no matter the efforts of your misleading slam piece. Man up and use your real name too. 👎🏻

      • Rob – you live in the same “twilight zone” as Jake. Avon Voters have already voted on the purchase of the Skier Building. By 2-1 NO! Jake is a nice guy however a terrible representative of Avon Voters and Taxpayers.

        He and Jennie Fancher will be thrown out of office this November 2016 – if not sooner. What interests us now is how Avon’s May 3rd vote will go for the proposed ($6.5 Mill) Police Station and ($25 Mill) Fire District Station(s) and Training. Are Avon Voters-Taxpayers (pissed off?) enough now to vote “NO!” to what Avon’s Council wants this May? Time will tell.

        Recommend you stick to your Music. If you don’t like the EagleCountyTimes.com don’t read it. Cancel your subscription and demand a full refund.

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