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It happened at their County Assembly this past Saturday – March 19th 2016.

Eagle County’s two dominate Political Party’s (R’s & D’s) met separately to Vote and decide who would be their respective Delegates to the Colorado State Conventions for each Party.

What the ECT learned…

EC GOP:   At what seemed like the (last minute?) two individuals announced they want to run for Eagle County Commissioner.  Long time EC Resident – Randy Milhoan (photo) announced for District 1 – running against Democrat (incumbent) Jill Ryan.

Also, down valley Realtor – Rick Beverage announced for District 2 – running against Democrat (incumbent) Kathy Chandler-Henry.  Long time Political insiders know that Rick Beverage endorsed his friend – Democrat Jon Stavney in the 2008 Election for Eagle County Commissioner – making some insiders wondering if they may have a (RINO – Republican In Name Only) running in District 2….Time will tell.

What else happened at the GOP Assembly?

Michael Cacioppo tried (unsuccessfully) to get elected at the Assembly to be a GOP Delegate to the Colorado GOP State convention.  Not a good sign since Cacioppo has already announced his candidacy for Colorado State House Representative (District 26 – Routt and Eagle Counties).  He is running against Democrat Incumbent Diane Mitsch Bush – in the November 8th 2016 election.  Cacioppo has also publically announced his support for the $25 Million Dollar Tax Increase from the Fire District, the $6.5 Million Dollar Avon Police Station – and spending $4.5 Million Dollars of Taxpayer money for Avon’s infamous “Skier Building”.

ECT Question:  Since when do (any) GOP candidates support every single proposed Tax Increase and unbridled spending of government?  Any wonder why he couldn’t get himself elected as a State Delegate?

Meanwhile at the Democrats Assembly last Saturday – several young liberal voters showed up and re-emphasized their support for Bernie Sanders as the next President!  Reports reached the ECT of (339+) folks at their County Assembly.  Also, the current Eagle County Commissioners announced their run for re-election in the November 8th 2016 County election – and were officially endorsed by the Assembly.  Current Eagle County (Clerk and Recorder) Teak Simonton was endorsed for her November 2016 election to be the next Eagle County Treasurer.  EC Delegates to the Colorado Democrat State convention were voted on and selected.



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  1. you also might note that the Dems had a huge turnout – over 340ppl. Also the convention nominated Jill Ryan for EC commissioner District 1, Kathy Chandler Henry for EC Comissioner for District 2 and Teak Simonton for EC Treasurer.

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