What will Eagle, Colorado – Taxpayers Do?

by  Clayton Moore

On Tuesday, April 5th 2016 – Town of Eagle Voters will have their Votes counted after 7:00pm.  It’s a U.S. Mail Ballot election – so make sure the Town of Eagle – Municipal Building has your ballot returned by April 5th.  Eagle’s Registered Voters can expect to see their Ballot in the U.S. Mail after Monday, March 14th 2016.

(Click Here) to see what Eagle’s very brief Ballot looks like.

Assuming that Mayoral candidate – Anne McKibbin (votes for herself) she will be Eagle’s next Mayor – as Ms. McKibbin is running unopposed for the Mayor’s job.

Next, Eagle Voters can vote for (4) of the names below for their City Council (Board of Trustees)

Kevin Brubeck  –  Paul Witt –  Max Schmidt – Matt Solomon  –   (W. Mikel Pappy Kerst)

Now comes the Ballot Question for ADDITIONAL (new) Sales Taxes in Eagle…

Proponents of this additional Sales Tax (0.5%) want to get a new (30 year) Revenue Bond to pay for a proposed – New River Park – between I-70 and the Eagle River.  The cost to the Taxpayer is $9.97 Million Dollars (including Interest) according to the Ballot Language.  (Click Here)


ECT has not seen nor read any reference to any (I-70 Noise Issues? Studies?) affecting the Proposed River Park.

Unsubstantiated Allegations – Eagle Resident – Adam Palmer

According to Adam Palmer’s Facebook page (Click Here) Palmer is a “environmental policy planner” working for our Eagle County Government.  He has a job, because Eagle County Taxpayers – pay County taxes to make his job possible.

The Allegation:  Palmer assured Eagle Voters – in his March 10th 2016 “letter to the Fishwrap’s Editor” that “it is estimated that approximately 60% of the Sales Tax will be paid by visitors to Eagle…rather than residents…”  (Click Here)

Of course Palmer offered no proof, no documentation, nothing to support his highly questionable Allegation.

Consider:  Is it really reasonable to believe that folks who DON’T LIVE in Eagle will be the ones paying the majority of the new Sales Tax?  Eagle is a Town, not a Resort.  It is reasonable to believe that the majority of Groceries sold in the Eagle City Market are sold to folks who live in Eagle with their families – YEAR ROUND.  Ergo Sales Tax.

One more Financial Fact – for Eagle Voters:  The Ballot Proposal for a new $9.9 Million dollar Revenue Bond – is based on PROJECTIONS that there will be sufficient Additional Sales Tax collected to make the annual (30 year) Debt Payments on that Bond.

What happens if – during the next (30) years – Eagle (and everyone else) experiences an economic “downturn”.  If there isn’t enough Sales Tax collected the Bond Debt obligation lives on – and would have to be paid out of Eagle’s General Fund – during an (economic time) the Town of Eagle – could least afford it…

ECT Advise to Eagle Voters:  ECT recommends that all Eagle Voters FIRST have their (2015) Federal and State Tax Returns completed and Filed – before you vote yourself any new Taxes.  It’s up to you Eagle Voters – Tax Day – April 15th 2016 is just (10) days after your Election about additional Taxes.

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