New Taxes? How Much, is Enough?

by   Taxed Enough Already

Between Sports and more Confiscatory Taxation  – this week in Eagle County, Colorado (4APR-10APR2016) promises to be a particularly interesting and informative one.

Monday – a new NCAA Men’s Basketball Team will be crowned at the National Championship Monday nite.  Tipoff  7:19PM (Mountain).

Tuesday – the Town of Eagle Votes and picks their Towns leadership – and a vote to inflict additional Sales Taxes on their Town.  To the tune of a 30 year – $9.97Million Dollar Revenue Bond (Click Here).  While waiting for the Eagle Election results – you can catch the Women’s NCAA Basketball championship game Tuesday night as well.

Thursday through next Sunday – A new Masters Champion will be crowed at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia at their final Round next Sunday.

Last week in Eagle County we learned our friends at our Public School District – are planning their own new Property Tax increase – headed to your November 2016 Ballot.

It was like hearing someone at our School District  yell “ME TOO!” at the top of their lungs…after our Ambulance and Fire District have already announced (Fire wants $25 Million more) and our Ambulance District (Vail Pass to Dotsero) wants their own (bite out of your Families income too) – an additional Property Tax Mill Levy of (0.75 Mills) on top of their existing – 2.008 Mills.

KEEP IN MIND – that these Property Taxing entities have ALREADY enjoyed taking more money from you and your Family (2016 Property Taxes) BECAUSE many homes (and Commercial property) in Eagle County have had a Valuation Increase (now) multiplied by the Tax Mill Levy most of them haven’t dropped!  OBTW!

Q.)  Is your Family and Business Income going UP so quickly that you can afford all these Proposed New Taxes?  Is your Family paying MORE for your Health Insurance this year?

ECT Recommending:  That we all Pay our April 15th Taxes, FIRST – then evaluate where your Family and Business Income is – after that. 

The Big Picture:  When a reasonable person considers all these proposed new Taxes (taken all together) – what you’re really being asked to do – is to Vote your Family a “lower standard of living”…if your personal income is not keeping up.




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  1. Seth you are correct – Thanks for reading the EagleCountyTimes. One of the (election) things the ECT likes best about EC Clerk and Recorder (Teak Simonton) is her use of the Twitter (Internet Program) to post Election Results after the Polls close at (usually 7PM). Twitter gets the information to all (Twitter Subscribers) at the same time…and Teak has historically used it to post (as she counts) vote (subtotals) through the election evening. Works Perfectly. Teak’s Twitter Account you can subscribe to is @ECClerk Question – while don’t other Town Clerk’s learn from Teak’s example?

    • The fact that you have to explain what Twitter is to your readers shows that the problem extends beyond public officials. I bet most conservatives in Eagle County don’t have a Twitter account. Thanks for sharing the clerk’s account name, added to my local officials list.

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