Transforming – Vail, Colorado

by   the fans of 60Hz and the magic of Step Down Transformers

What kind of a Ski Season did Vail have during our Winter 2015 – 2016?

Well…start with the Highest Lift Serviced part of Vail Mountain (Pete’s Bowl) and take a look at the Holy Cross Electrical Transformer – that helps Power – Pete’s Quad Lift.

Top of Pete’s Lift – Sunday, December 13th 2015


Now checkout the same Transformer on Sunday, April 3rd 2016


Ironically, some of the areas with the deepest snow are the parts of the Mountain to close first.  Blue Sky Basin and the Back Bowls typically close ahead of the Ski runs on the front of Vail Mountain – runs that you can see from I-70.

To look forward to?  Our Annual Springtime Run off – where the Kayakers and Rafting folks enjoy the White Water we send to the Boaters of Lake Powell and Lake Mead.  Recycling our Winter snow?  Indeed.

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