Who’s Funding the Fire District’s effort to Raise your TAXES?

by  Clayton Moore

Dateline April 12th 2016 –

An Election Issues Committee has been formed and filed with the Colorado Secretary of State Office – “Building A Safer Tomorrow 2016”  (Click on the Graphic below to enlarge it) – Their purpose is to support and promote the proposed $25 Million Dollar Property Tax increase of the Eagle River Fire Protection District – Election May 3rd 2016.


So who are these people?

Registered Agent:  Jennifer Cartmell-Hays is the current Chairman of the Fire District Board (Click Here).

Designated Filing Agent:  Valere Wegert is the wife of current Fire District Board member Darell Wegert (Click Here)

To Date 12APR2016:  Who is Funding the effort to increase your Fire District Taxes?

(again – Click On the Graphic to Enlarge it)



1 – “Citizens Campaign for 5A is an effort by Edwards Resident – John McCaulley – 0092 Wellington Lane.  For John it seems “fire and water” does mix – John works for the Water District.

2 – Davis Partnership Architects – ECT understands they will benefit financially should Taxes be increased.  Colorado Springs is not in our Tax District.

3 – Fennell Group Planning – ECT understands they will benefit financially should Taxes be increased.  Colorado Springs is not in our Tax District.

4 – Dominic Mauriello – Mauriello Planning Group (Click Here) – unquestionably will benefit Financially should Taxes in the District be increased.  Dominic lives in Eagle – his Taxable property is outside the Fire District.

5 –  Eagle River Professional Firefighters Association – Our Firefighters that will work out of the new Fire Stations – should the $25 Million Dollar Tax Increase pass.

6 – Goulding Development Advisors – Todd Goulding’s company has been working for the Fire District some time and has a direct Personal Financial interest in seeing this Tax Increase Pass.  (Click Here – read page 3).  Todd is currently running for re-election on the Ambulance District Board – that Amby District is from Vail Pass to Dotsero.

7 –   Alan Bosworth – is the current “Vice Chair” of the Fire District (Click Here)

8 –   Clark Shivley – is the current Secretary of the Fire District (Click Here)

9 – James Collins – Attorneys Collins, Cockrel & Cole – Jim’s Denver based Law firm is the Law firm for the Fire District (Click Here).  ECT can vouch for the fact that if you ask Jim a direct question – you’ll get a direct answer.

10 – Jennifer Hays – is the current Chairman of the Fire District Board (Click Here)

11 – Tracy Leclair – works for the Fire District as “Community Risk Manager – Public Information Officer”.  Tracy’s home address is not in the Fire District – no chance her Property Taxes will be raised (Click Here)

As of April 12th 2016 – where has the money raised ($4,240.00) – been spent to promote the Tax Increase? (Click on Graphic below to Enlarge it)


1 – Business Briefs.  $275.00 Apparently someone at the Fire District thought it would help their effort if they Advertised in Michael Cacioppo’s vacation news flyer.  Cacioppo has personally and publicly endorsed the $25 Million Tax Increase.  ECT understands Cacioppo lives in Avon (inside the District) however doesn’t own any property in the Fire District that is at risk of a Tax Increase.

2 – $312.98  “REIMBURSEMENT FOR YARD SIGNS AND BANNERS BOUGHT AT VISTA PRINT AND SIGN DEPOT”  Tracy Leclair’s (online – Internet) purchase for Signs.

DISCLAIMER:  ECT does not accept any advertising money from any organization promoting Tax Increases.

ECT Analysis:    The documented evidence here shows that the MAJORITY of the folks promoting this Tax Increase – either work for the District – or has a PERSONAL, DIRECT FINANCIAL INTEREST in the outcome of a $25 Million Dollar proposed Property Tax Increase.

Something for Voters to keep in mind – when your Ballot arrives in the U.S. Mail this week.

The Fire District includes (Voters) in these areas in Eagle County, Colorado (Camp Hale, Tennessee Pass, Redcliff, Minturn, Avon, Eagle-Vail, Mountain Star, Wildridge, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead, Homestead, Edwards, Lake Creek, Singletree, Pilgrim Downs, all of Cordillera, Bellyache Ridge, Red Sky Ranch and the portions of I-70, Hwy 6 & 24) communities.


2 responses

  1. Also- the local ambulance district is asking for a tax hike-because “The local ambulance district is looking at a big hole in its budget, and the culprit seems to be the federal Affordable Care Act…According to district CEO Fred Morrison, the change came when the Affordable Care Act expanded the eligibility rules for Medicaid, which provides federally subsidized health care coverage for lower-income Americans…That expansion has resulted in a 300 percent increase in the number of Medicaid patients transported by the district….But the budget-draining part of the change comes in the service reimbursement paid to the district: 7 cents for every dollar of service provided.”

    So talk to the feds. ACA is their baby, and we taxpayers already pay for the expanded under Obama subsidized Medicaid.

    We taxpayers ARE the “federally subsidies” NOT the “feds.”

    Do you want to pay twice because the feds didn’t account for the costly impacts to taxpayers down the road?

    I do not!

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