How the "Disingenuous" – Do it to Taxpayers

What do you mean, Disingenuous?

Avon’s Town Council – had to Vote to approve the current May 3rd 2016 Ballot Language.

Now consider what their Ballot Language “says”   vis-à-vis   “what it doesn’t say”.


It says:    …with a Principal Amount not to Exceed $6.5 Million…

It Doesn’t Say:  What the TOTAL COST (including Interest) of this Additional Debt – is.  It will be attached to Avon Property Owners (their) Property if voters approve it.  Why are you hiding this Avon Town Council?

It also Doesn’t Say:   That if a Real Estate (economic downturn) happens during the years of Debt Service…and there isn’t enough Real Estate being Sold in Avon (read:  enough RETT)…Avon Taxpayers will have to cover this Debt Service from their Towns General Fund.  This is the same fund for Salaries, Bus Service, Snow Plowing…etc…

What Avon Voters can do – if you Don’t Approve of what Avon Council is doing?

Answer:  Throw them out of Avon’s Public Office this November 2016.

Who? (Photo   Jennie Fancher and Jake Wolf) – both have to run this November 2016 to keep their seats on the Avon Town Council.

FACT:  After the proposed Multi-Million Dollar Property Tax increase Eagle Vail – FAILED last Fall – the Eagle Vail Voters threw out their (2) incumbents that were endorsing this new debt in Eagle Vail.


Who are the other Avon Council members that Voted FOR the repurchase of the Skier Building?  That Vote was (5-2) in favor of the Re-Purchase.

Buz Reynolds – YES – Term Limited – gone November 2016

Matt Gennett – NO – Term Up in November 2018

Megan Burch – YES – Term Up in November 2018

Scott Prince – NO – Term Up in November 2018

Sarah Smith-Hymes – YES – Term Up in November 2018

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