Millions more Debt for Avon’s Taxpayers

by  Clayton Moore

There are Several People (some outside of Avon) that are trying to Increase Avon’s Long Term DEBT – By Millions.  Millions more of this “Debt Service” is targeted to be paid by Avon’s (existing) confiscatory 2% (RETT – Real Estate Transfer Tax).  Homes in Singletree and Eagle Vail – have ZERO Real Estate Transfer Tax.

Who are these People?  The ECT will document them for you!

Colorado’s online Tracer systems keeps track of Registered Political “Issues Committees” and the $$$ they raise to promote their Tax Dependent Agenda.

The “Committee for a Safer Avon” has a…

Registered Agent:   (Avon’ Mayor Jennie Fancher)

Designated Filing Agent:  Sarah Smith-Hymes (current Avon Town Council member)

Know This:  Both these Avon Council member (just voted – 12APR2016) for the “Re-Purchase of their infamous “Ski Building” and Millions more to be spent on the required “remodel”.

(NOTE:  Just Click On – all the graphics below to enlarge and read them!)


Now “Just Who” has given this Committee for “More Long Term Debt” – contributions to promote their Tax Dependent agenda?


1 – Harry Frampton –$200.00  Developer of the Westin – the same Westin that was Developed as having no “Skier Parking” for Avon families – who might like to use the Westin’s Gondola to go Skiing.  The Westin Riverfront is also listed as a contributor @ $500.00 too.

2-  Butler Snow, LLP:  This is Avon’s existing “Bond Council – Law Firm” that is hired to get the Millions of Dollars (Cash) from the Bond Markets – and that correspondingly puts Avon Property further into DEBT.  You can expect a hefty Commission for Butler Snow, LLP should the Voters approve Millions more in Debt.

3 – Dee Wisor – is the Attorney that works at Butler Snow, LLC

4 – Avon Builder and former Avon Council Member (DW Dave Dantas Construction) – $200.00 –  Avon insiders remember Dave fighting against Avon’s exiting 4% “Sales Tax” being enforced against Avon Builders as a “Use Tax” Avon doesn’t have.  ECT presumes the Tax message from Dave is…new Taxes are (OK?) as long as they don’t specifically target my family’s Construction business…

5 – Evans Chaffee Construction $300.00 – Remember the $2 Million Dollar “cost overrun” on the new Music Stage in Avon?  Evan Chaffee was the prime contractor on that project…

6 – Bob Ticer – Avon’s Police Chief ($20.00) Chief Ticer lives in Eagle.  Avon Council member(s) Jake Wolf ($20.00) and Sarah Smith-Hymes ($20.00)

Campaign Finance FACTOID:  If Ticer, Wolf and Smith-Hymes had just contributed $0.01 less – they would have legally qualified as an “anonymous donor”.

7 – Davis Partnership Architects $250.00  Davis is a Denver based Architectural Firm that is doing business in Avon.  Dont we have any Eagle County local Architectural Firms?

8 – Nexcore Group – $1,000.00 This is the Denver Based Developer that is building Avon’s new Medical Office Building.

9 – Two Anonymous Donors $19.99ea and some locals – Steve and Amy Coyer $400.00 – Russell Molina $100.00 – Michael Bennett $100.00 – local Alpine Bank $200.00 and Avon based Lone Star Security $250.00 that has provided some Security for Avon events.

Where has their “Contribution Money” been spent?


$65.00 to the office of the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder – for a mailing list of Registered Avon Voters.

$1.00 to “First Bank of Avon”…ECT Question – Why is this “Issue Committee” doing business with First Bank?  Wasn’t it local Alpine Bank that made a $200.00 contribution?

$275.00 Advertising Expense to Michael Cacioppo (read:  his Business Briefs vacation flyer) –  Cacioppo has publicly endorsed Millions more in new Avon DEBT and Fire District DEBT.  Cacioppo does not own any property in Avon – that will be attached to this new DEBT should the voters approve it…

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