Avon – Misleading their Voters again!

by  Citizens for Accountable Government

Avon’s Elected Representatives (actually one in particular) – Sarah Smith Hymes is “at it again” misleading Avon Voters and Taxpayers.

HOW?  Avon’s 26APR2016 Press Release

Avon Town Councilor Sarah Smith Hymes stated, “We knew something had to be done to remedy the deterioration of the current Town Hall. We hired SEH, an architectural and engineering firm, to provide an objective analysis (ECT comment:  Objective? Not True) of the building and our options for fixing it.  Their work, completed last August, concluded that renovation to repair and bring the building up to code was more costly than other options.  Moving town hall operations to the Mountain Vista Office building (otherwise known as the Infamous “Skier Building”) and relocating the Avon police to a new joint public safety building, with the Eagle River Fire Protection District, was the least expensive solution.  (ECT comment:  Less Expensive?  Compared to what documented alternatives, Sarah?) Council moved forward with this plan, (Vote 4-2) with the approval on April 12th to purchase of the Mountain Visa Office Building, for $1.5 million in cash.  Finishing the building interior will be funded through the Avon Urban Renewal Authority.” (ECT Comment:  A a cost of ~$3.5 Million Remodel – estimated before the first cost overrun) bring the TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP to within $200,000.00 of the original purchase price that was REJECTED by Avon Voters in a Special Election January 2015.

Proof Avon Voters and Taxpayers are being – Mislead.

FACT:  The Town of Vail’s 2016 Annual Budget is $72.7 Million (Click Here)  By comparison The Town of Avon’s 2016 General Fund Operating Expenditures total ($14.9 Million) Click Here (page 8)

FACT:  The Town of Vail’s Municipal Building was competed in 1971.  It’s (10) years older than Avon’s.  Indeed, what do the Town of Vail folks that work in the same (46) year old Municipal Building – know that the Town of Avon folks – don’t know?  “I want” vs. “I need”?  Like Avon – Vail’s PD (with a much larger Police Force) operates out of the lower level of Vail Municipal Building.


FACT:  In round numbers the Town of Vail is (arguably) doing 5 times the amount of Annual Commerce – than the Town of Avon currently does – and in a space that’s (10) years older and with no significant Remodels!


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