Local Election–Cover -UP!

by   Investigative Reports

It’s time to expose just “who” the Real Winners are in last week’s Elections in Eagle County, Colorado.

It’s simple.  Just follow the Money.  The Fishwrap?  No surprise, bought off again.  Proof?  Then why didn’t the Fishwrap – Report any of this online Public Record information (below) BEFORE the Election on May 3rd 2016?

Let’s Begin

There are (2) legal (Colorado – Tracer) Issues Committees setup to promote (2) different TAX and DEBT issues.

1 – Friends of the Eagle River Fire District – “Building a Safer Tomorrow 2016” Issue Committee raised money to promote their request for a Property Tax increase of $25 Million Dollars.  They raised a reported $4,390.00

2 –  Avon, Colorado – “Committee for a Safer Avon” – Raised money to support an additional Avon DEBT issue of $6.5 Million for a new Avon Police Station.  They raised a reported  $9,299.98   Curious, isn’t it? How a $6.5 Million Debt issue campaign could generate more than twice as much as the campaign to promote a $25 Million dollar Tax increase…How?  Keep Reading.

The Fishwrap’s Cover-Up

What the Fishwrap didn’t want the Avon Voters and Taxpayers to know is…

Where did the majority of Avon’s reported $9,299.98 come from?

Answer:  From those who have a DIRECT FINANCIAL BENEFIT – should Avon Voters approve the additional $6.5 Million Dollar Debt Issue.  Which they did.  Vote (457-217)

$1,500.00 – from Avon’s “Bond Council” (Butler Snow, LLP) – the Law Firm that works with the Investment Banking firm – that is hired by Avon – to transform Avon’s new “Debt Paper” into $6.5 Million in cash.  They are paid a Commission.

$3,000.00  – From Investment Banker – Piper Jaffray that works with Avon’s Bond Council to get the Cash from Municipal Bond investors.  They are also Paid a Commission, based on the amount to be borrowed.  ECT told – Piper Jaffray usually doesn’t get involved unless there is a minimum of $400-$500k in Commissions.

$500.00 – From Dee Wisor – the Attorney for Butler Snow – that works with the Town of Avon’s Finance Director – Scott Wright.

Collusion in Avon?

Ask yourself – Collusion vs. Competition?   Why no apparent competition for the business of issuing $6.5 Million of new Avon Debt?  Consider, Investment Banker Piper Jaffray is not in the business – of making bad investments.  Question – why would Piper Jaffray contribute $3,000.00 to support the Campaign – unless they were (already promised?) Avon’s business…should Voters approve the Ballot issue?  Did Avon’s Bond Council (Butler Snow, LLP) promise the business to Piper Jaffray before the election?

Clueless local Media and Elected Representatives

FACT:  Just like the Fishwrap’s staff and reporters…your average (current) Avon Town Council member does not have the – professional training nor experience nor finance background to even understand the business relationship (mechanics) between Bond Council and the Investment Banker.  Ask your Council member how much in Commissions are being paid to these folks.  Why isn’t Avon’s Council working to promote more competition – for Avon new $6.5 Million dollar – Debt Issue?  It’s reasonable to expect they should understand something about “competitive bidding”.  Or just Lazy?

More Avon Contributors

$300.00  – local Evans Chaffee Construction – General Construction Contractor during Avon’s $2 Million Dollar (construction cost overrun) for Avon’s Music Stage by the lake.

$250.00 – Davis Partnership, Denver, CO. – Architects  Also the Architect for the new big Medical Office Building in Avon.

$400.00 – Avon Partners II, LLC – A Partnership of Vail Resorts and the Denver based Gart Properties.

$1,000.00 – NexCore Group  The developer of the new (big and red) Medical Office Building in Avon.  No doubt a political “thank you” to the Avon Council for approving (in record time?) their new Medical Office Building.

The Bottom Line

Of the Reported $9,299.98  ( 74%)   or $6,950.00 money raised to promote their “pro more Debt in Avon” campaign – these are the folks with the most $$ to gain on this project – NOT the local Avon Taxpayers and Property Owners.

The “Buy Off”

The Folks from the Fire District’s (Issue Committee) paid the Vail Daily – $2,203.74 for promotional advertising.  Below reads:  Colorado Mountain News Media



Now Consider:  The Vote to approve the Fire District’s $25 Million Dollar Property Tax increase was (1744 – 1296)  or 57% to 43%

Yet…the overwhelming majority of “letters to the Fishwrap’s Editor” (leading up to the May 3rd 2016 election) was “Pro-Tax Increase”.  A few folks contacted the ECT complaining that their Letters to the Fishwrap (no-tax increase) “were not printed”.  Several “fluff pieces” about the Fire District and their plans (their wants) where also printed with Photos in the Fishwrap – in the days leading up to the Election.  Bias?  No question.

More Evidence:  Also consider the amount of paid print advertising the Vail Valley Medical Center buys in the Fishwrap.  Hardly a day goes by in print – without hearing from the Vail Hospital, their Doctors, Orthopedists, their Construction Plans, Shaw Cancer Center, Jack’s Place…their list is endless…

Yet, almost never do we hear anything about the fact we pay the highest Medical Insurance Costs in the Nation – because of what the Vail Valley Medical Center – charges all of us for Medical Services…Harlot Journalism is a force of diminishment in our Community and an abuse of our 1st Amendment Rights.  And with that Voters vote – without ever knowing who is “pulling their $trings” or just who is trying to “Pick the Taxpayers, Pockets”.




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