What the Heck is – KAABOO Vail?

by  Clayton Moore

Question:  What the Heck is – KAABOO Vail?  (proposed for August 2017)


Short Answer?  Apparently another (PR Cover Up) by the Fishwrap…Why don’t you know about – what is being proposed by the Vail Valley Foundation?

Their Goal??  A quick approval and (funding?) by the Vail Town Council??  With (minimal?) input from the Homeowners in Vail and Vail Community members at large…

What the ECT has learned to date…


ECT is concerned that this proposed (3 day 18-20AUG2017) “Music Festival” has received MINIMAL public review and scrutiny over the last few weeks.  And the ECT is Not Alone with this concern.


TO READ:  All the Community concerns raised by the Vail Homeowners Association (Click Here)

Send a Letter or Email (Click Here) Expressing Your Opinion to the Vail Town Council.

TO READ:  The entire (19) page PDF file of the Vail Valley Foundation’s proposal to the Vail Town Council (Click Here).  You’ll never find that information in the Fishwrap…

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