Business and Tax Logic? Where?

by    Concerns about – Higher Education

Diane-Mitsch-Bush-22MAY2016Eagle County’s State Representative – Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush (D) is a well intended individual that works hard for Eagle County – at the State House in Denver.  She is up for Re-election this November 2016.

What concerns the ECT this week – is Rep. Mitsch Bush’s (Business/Tax Logic?) – along with Eagle County Public School Superintendent – Dr. Jason Glass.

The Concern:    Their “Debt Free Schools Act”


So let’s see if the ECT has this – “Straight”?

Bush’s and Glass’s “Business Logic”? –  The way to lower the amount of DEBT that our Colorado Public Schools have – is to SHIFT that DEBT to the Property Owners in the School District – and away from the District’s Balance Sheet…


So what’s been proposed IS NOT a reduction in overall School DEBT – just a SHIFT in “who is responsible” to pay for it.  RIGHT?

And their “Business Logic” is designed to appeal to “who”?  Local Accountants?  Bankers? Mortgage Loan Officers?  Property Tax Payers?

Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush has her PhD in Sociology and Social Policy from the U of Minnesota.  For his part, Dr. Glass – his PhD from Seton Hall University.

The ECT will repeat our Concerns – about Higher Education in our Country today.

KEEP IN MIND:  Colorado is our Country’s “Centennial State”.  Tax Fact is…Colorado isBetsyross 100 years behind those East Coast States – that have their State Legislators – trying to Raise Taxes with that 100 year “Head Start”.  That Tax Fact is the biggest reason why Colorado Taxes are lower that the East Coast States.

Now ask yourself why there isn’t a MASS MIGRATION of Families moving to those East Coast States – where they’ve have a 100 year “head start” improving their Public Schools – by throwing more Tax money at them…


Diane Mitsch Bush – Feedback and Disclaimer

(Click Here) to read the original Error – by Fishwrap Reporter – Ross Leonhart


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