June 28th 2016 – Contested Elections on your Eagle County Ballot

Just when you thought…

…you might get a break on Voting for things…

Eagle County’s Registered Voters (registered Republicans and Democrats) only…will have the opportunity to vote in their respective Primary Elections – on or before Tuesday, June 28th 2016.  This will be a U.S. Mail only election – Ballots must be returned by June 28th.  Ballots will start to be U.S. mailed to Registered R’s and D’s starting on June 6th 2016.  This Primary election is being coordinated by Teak Simonton – Eagle County Clerk and Recorder.  Teak will be running this November to be your next elected Eagle County Treasurer.

Why the Primary Elections in June?  Because some of the November 2016 Races are being contested in each political party – so the candidates must win in their June 2016 Primary – to have their names printed on the general election Ballot this November.

(Click Here) to see a copy of the Eagle County June Primary Ballot for the GOP.

(Click Here) to see a copy of the Eagle County June Primary Ballot for Eagle County Democrats.

If you are currently an “unaffiliated” Eagle County Voter – you can “affiliate” with a Party no later than June 20th – in order to receive a Ballot in the U.S. Mail to be voted and returned by Tuesday, June 28th.  You can do this online (if you have a Drivers License) – are a U.S. Citizen and are old enough to Vote.

(Click Here) to Register to Vote online.  Have your drivers license ready.




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