The Clueless Among us – Kevin Selvy

They just  “DON’T GET IT” – case in point:  Kevin Selvy CEO of Crazy Mountain Brewing – Edwards, Colorado



Pay Attention Mr. Kevin Selvy – the ECT will EDUCATE YOU.

Eagle County Community FACTS:

Dateline:  April, then May 2016  Special Election – New Taxes – Ballot Questions.

1 – Town of Eagle (April 2016) Majority Voters – vote themselves a Sales Tax increase in a special Town of Eagle election.

2 – May 3rd, 2016 2016 Eagle County Special Election(s)

Passed – Edwards Metro District – Sales Tax Increase

Passed – Eagle County’s Ambulance District – Mill Levy – Property Tax Increase.

Passed – Gypsum, Colorado Fire District – Mill Levy – Property Tax Increase.

Passed – Eagle River Fire Protection District –  Mill Levy – Property Tax Increase.

Passed – Town of Avon – $6.5 Million in New Debt to be paid by Avon’s confiscatory 2% (Real Estate Transfer Tax)

Mr. Selvy:  What is the message TO YOU – from the Majority Voters living in Eagle County today?

Just how concerned (with the issue of Affordable Housing) is the “Majority Voter” in Eagle County today – if they are BUSY VOTING to make it as expensive as possible to Live and Own Property in Eagle County today?  Well, Mr. Selvy?

ECT not sure that the amount of Crazy Mountain beer and “green mile” Marijuana being consumed in Eagle County today – might be responsible for how Majority Voters vote in Eagle County today.  But the ECT thinks it might be.

One more thing Mr. Selvy:  The Tax Fact is – our Eagle County Public School District has already officially stated they want an additional $148 Million Dollars in new Property Taxes – their Ballot Question intended to be placed on your November 2016 Eagle County Ballot.

Affordable Housing in Eagle County?  Yeah, right on Mr. Selvy…

One response

  1. Perhaps Mr. Selvy will be the first small business to NOT pass along his increased Costs of Doing Business to his customers per item(s) sold.

    Business cost increases in the forms of:
    – Tax hikes
    – Utility hikes
    – Business licensing hikes
    – Minimum wage hikes
    – Insurance hikes (property/buildings/liability only, not medical for employees)

    Truthfully Mr. Selvy, you can absolutely fund or subsidize housing for your own employees in lieu of livable wage increases/bonuses.

    There is no rules saying you cannot.

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