Update: Centura Health in Eagle County

Dateline:  Monday, May 22nd 2016.  What’s going on at Centura Health’s (Big Red – Medical Office Building) in Avon?  a.k.a – Buck Creek Medical Plaza.


Moving in on the 2nd Floor?  Colorado Mountain Medical will be moving their entire Edwards Office – into Avon and (currently) planning to be fully operational for the week of June 27th 2016.  This also means CMM will be no longer paying Rent to their Edwards landlord – VVMC.


Expected:  Wednesday, July 13th 2016 – Centura Heath’s 24x7x365 Emergency Room will be fully staffed and operational.  Yes, Centura will be accepting both Medicare (and Medicaid) patients in Avon.

Along with their ER – Centura is planning a (9) bed (ASC – Ambulatory Surgery Center) including – Flat Film X-Ray imaging on site.

Medical Services Competition – Coming to Eagle County – Summer 2016

Centura Health vs. Kaiser Permanente vs. Vail Hospital/VVMC

To Date (23MAY2016) the Vail Hospital has shown complete “competitive abstinence” – refusing to cut any (Medical Services – deals) with Centura nor Kaiser.  Not to mention what VVMC “routinely” overcharges our Community for basic Medical Services.

What your Family and Business can expect for Medical Services in the short term?

KP – from their current Edwards Offices – has inked a deal with Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs – so if you require more Medical Services (example: MRI imaging) than KP can provide in Edwards – you’ll most likely go to Valley View.

Likewise:  If you need more extensive Hospitalization from Centura Health’s new ASC in Avon – you’ll likely be moved to St. Anthony’s’ Hospital in Frisco, Colorado – owned and operated by Centura.  St. Anthony’s is a Level (3) Trauma Center – serviced by the Flight for Life Helicopter.

ECT wishes to thank Ms. Amy Laurent – of Centura Health for Centura’s information disclosed in this ECT report.

More news coming.

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