Hillary’s Documented Felonies

by     the Office of the Inspector General – U.S. State Department

Of course the ECT has a copy of that recent (May 2016) Report by the OIG.  Where are the Fishwrap folks on this?  No doubt too busy trying to decide – which Bathroom they’d like to use today…


(Click Here)

Re:  Hillary’s illegal use of a private (unsanctioned by our State Department) email server – that was used to traffic State Department – Classified Information.

The PDF Report is a bit long (83 pages) however ECT recommends you start with page (34) – Where you’ll find…

“Three Officials Exclusively Used Non-Departmental Systems for Day-to-Day Operations”

Some of Hillary’s illegal actives – documented there.  All Felonies.  Simply put: to violate the Federal Records Act – is to violate the Law.   ECT readers will also recall that Hillary and some of her (then) top aids at the State Department – have since REFUSED to be interviewed by OIG personnel.  (Click Here)  Hillary still insists she’s done “nothing wrong”.

ECT says:  Decide for yourself.  Read the Report.


One response

  1. Bill got away with violating the law, so will Hillary. While Trump would go to jail for shooting someone on 5th avenue like he suggested he could, Chelsea would get away with it no questions asked.

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