Liquidating in Avon, Colorado

by     What’s happening to Avon’s Sales Tax Base?

Dateline:  Sunday, May 29th 2016 – Obviously a major Sports Outlet has decided there just isn’t enough business to be had in Avon, Colorado.


Sports Authority’s location in Avon had excellent Free Parking that included a Bus Stop along Avon’s Town Bus Route.   However, located directly to the left of Sports Authority is a (still vacant) big Commercial Office space that has been empty for well over a year.

Which brings the ECT the fact ECT (including everyone else) has seen ZERO Real Estate Development from Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate – who was quite active Developing in Avon a couple of years ago.


It is unlikely that Centura Health’s new (Medical Office Building – nor new Mountain Bike Trails) will compensate for the Sales Tax lost in Avon…when Sports Authority leaves Town.  Avon’s Former Police Chief – Robert Ticer has also permanently left (May 2016) Avon for new opportunities along the Front Range.  Avon’s Tax Base is in trouble – and it seems their City Council (as usual) is completely oblivious.


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